Why is my blue snowball so quiet

If you find that you’re microphone audio levels are too low, right here are some tips that might aid.

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I document most demos and also webinars. With that comes the search to find decent quality audio. I have actually a boom arm on my desk that I deserve to swing into activity. On it I have a Blue Yeti microphone. Overall, I really prefer the top quality of the sound and this set up functions great for recording tutorials wright here I work from my main display. I also like that the microphone has its very own acquire controls which resolves the concern I have below.

However, the obstacle via the Blue Yeti is that I job-related from a residence office and if world external my office are yacking, then the mic picks up their chatter. I deserve to commonly job-related approximately it a little. However, webinars are live and also I have actually less real-time manage.

For webinars I prefer to usage a headset mic bereason they seem to perform a far better task blocking out background noise. I’ve provided a Plantronics mic for years. It does a great project recording my voice and blocking out the other home office sound. However before, the audio is a little thin and sounds favor I’m Lionel Richie on a phone, checking to see who’s home.

Thus, I newly purchased a Beyerdynamic headset mic. It’s a bit higher end yet it’s an excellent mic with a nice sound. However, it is an XLR mic which requires a different link to my computer system and also a pre-amplifier.

And this is wright here the Windows 10 audio concern is exposed and fixed.

Where’s the Microphone Boost?

Like many Windows 10 individuals, the audio recording input signal is also low. Earlier versions of Windows had actually a means to boost the recording input, as watched in the photo below. However, in recent versions, there’s no option.


If you execute not have the option to boost your audio input, one potential resolve is to pick the Advanced tab from the Microphone Properties window and deselect the choice to “Allow application to take executive control of this gadget.” This works for some people.

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The other alternative is to use a pre-amp. I have actually an older Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 which is mostly easy to usage and have to occupational. However, I ran right into an concern. The pre-amp has actually an input selection of 1 to 10, yet it just seemed to have an impact from around 8 to 10. I just wasn’t acquiring enough initial boost and the 8 to 10 range didn’t offer me enough wiggle room. Since it’s a USB pre-amp, I figured that maybe it simply didn’t have actually enough juice for the phantom power and signal increase since it was pulling its power from the computer system.


So I tested the Focusrite Clarett. It has actually its very own power resource and also not pulling it from the computer via USB. However, I ran right into the exact same worries. The range was limited to 8 to 10 via little bit room for adjustments. Both Focusrite tools are excellent tools and also should job-related. In reality, on older versions of Windows, the Scarlett worked perfectly. However, via the latest version of Windows 10, I simply can’t seem to increase the input levels and tbelow no longer seems to be a method to execute it from the chauffeurs or the audio regulate panel.

So where’s the fix?

Install APO Equalizer. It’s an open resource task on Source Forge that has a pre-amp which will increase your incoming microphone signal. In addition, there are some various other audio choices to enhance your audio input and also outputs.


I’m no audio engineer or APO Equalizer pro. However before, the installation is simple, and the setup is pretty basic. Don’t let every one of the meters and also lines make it seem facility. Once it’s set, you really shouldn’t need to do a lot through it. Below are some sources to help you obtain set-up.

The YouTube tutorial over does an excellent project showing the basics. It’s probably worth learning a small more around some of the filters and exactly how they have the right to improve your audio input. In truth, many type of of us record in much less tha suitable scenarios where we might have actually background noises prefer air conditioners or computer system fans. A few of those filters may assist resolve the worries.

If you have actually problems with low recording volumes, hopefully these tips help. If you have extra tips, feel totally free to share them in the comments section.

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