Why does my computer say someone else is logged on

Several Windows users have actually been reaching us via inquiries after encountering the “Someone else is still utilizing this PC” error whenever they try to Shut dvery own or Rebegin their computer. Many influenced users are reporting that the problem occurs even if they attempt to log in with a different user account. As it turns out, the issue is not exclusive to Windows 10 as it’s also encountered on Windows 8.1.

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‘Someone else is making use of this PC’ error on Windows

What’s bring about the ‘Someone else is still making use of this PC’ error?

We investigated this particular problem by looking at miscellaneous user reports and trying out different repair strategies that various other influenced users have recommfinished for this particular concern. As it turns out, numerous different scenarios will certainly cause this specific pop-up. Here’s a shortlist of potential culprits that could be responsible for the ‘Someone else is still making use of this PC’ error:

The concern is caused by a Sign-in Option – As it turns out, this specific issue greatly occurs due to a readjust inside the Sign-in Options menu that pressures the machine to use the sign-in information to instantly end up setting up the device and reopen up apps. If this scenario is applicable, you deserve to settle the concern by turning off one option inside the Sign-in Option.The previous user is still connected – Another possibility is that the previous user that used this PC hasn’t completed the logoff procedure. This can take place due to a maker interruption or due to user choice. To settle this issue in this case, you’ll need to use Task Manager to disconnect the previous user.Windows updates are installing the background – If you’re seeing the problem on Windows 10, chances are your OS is erroneously reasoning a various user is linked, when in truth the WU (Windows Component) is installing one or even more upqualities in the background. In this case, you deserve to protect against the error message by finishing to install the updates first.

If you’re presently struggling to solve the exact same error message, this short article will administer you through a number of different troubleshooting measures. Dvery own listed below, you’ll uncover a repertoire of repair tactics that were formerly confirmed to be successful by multiple users that faced the exact same problems.

For the best outcomes, we advise you to follow the potential fixes in the exact same order that we arranged them in since we ordered the approaches by looking at their efficiency and also challenge. Eventually, you need to stumble upon a method that will resolve the worry regardless of the culprit that’s leading to it.

Let’s begin!

Method 1: Changing the Sign-in Options

As it turns out, one of the most prevalent scenarios in which the ‘Someone else is still using this PC’ error will certainly happen is after a readjust in the Sign-in Options. This can either be performed by the user or by numerous system optimization apps in an effort to enhance the system’s performance.

Several affected users that were additionally encountering this worry have actually reported that they managed to solve the worry by transforming the Privacy settings so that the mechanism prevents making use of the sign-in info to automatically end up the setting up of the device after a restart or rebegin.

If you think this approach applies to your scenario, follow the instructions below to adjust the Sign-in options accordingly:

Press Windows crucial + R to open up up a Run dialog box. Next off, kind “ms-settings:signinoptions” inside the text box and press Enter to open up the Sign-in Options area of the Accounts tab (inside the Windows 10 Settings App).
Accessing the Sign-in Options menuOnce you’re inside the Sign-in options tab, relocate over to the right-hand pane and also scroll dvery own to the Privacy area. When you acquire tright here, make certain that the toggle linked via ‘Use my sign-in details to instantly finish setting up my tool and reopen up my apps after an upday or restart’ is turned OFF.

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Disabling the “Use my sign-in information to instantly finish setting up my tool after an upday or restart” optionAfter the change is implemented, restart your computer and check out if the issue is resolved at the next device startup.

If you’re still encountering the ‘Someone else is still using this PC’ error, move down to the following strategy below.

Method 2: Disaffix the previous user

As it turns out, this trouble can additionally arise because of an incomplete log off of a previous user. Several windows individuals that were also encountering this concern have actually reported that they controlled to solve the trouble by making use of the Task Manager to disaffix the user that is avoiding the shutdvery own or rebegin procedure to finish.

Here’s a quick guide on disconnecting the previous user utilizing Task Manager:

Press Ctrl + Change + Enter to open up Task Manager.Once you’re inside the Task Manager interconfront, pick the Users tab from the horizontal food selection at the peak.Next, move down to the User list, right-click on the user that is no much longer logged in and choose Disconnect from the newly showed up context food selection.
Disconnecting the previous userTry to repeat the activity that was formerly triggering the ‘Someone else is still making use of this PC’ error and also check out if the worry is currently resolved.

If this strategy wasn’t applicable or it didn’t fix the concern, relocate down to the next strategy listed below.

Method 3: Finish installing the pending updays (Windows 10 only)

If you’re encountering the problem on Windows 10, keep in mind that there’s likewise a known bug that have the right to produce this problem. If you’re trying to restart or shut dvery own your computer while a Windows upday is downloading and install in the background, your OS could mistakenly think another user is logged right into your COMPUTER.

Several influenced customers that were also encountering this problem have regulated to settle it by accessing the Windows Update display screen and also installing eincredibly pending upday.

If this scenario is similar to yours, here’s what you have to do:

Press Windows essential + R to open up up a Run dialog box. Inside the run dialog box, form “ms-settings:windowsupdate” inside the text box and also push Enter to open up up the Windows Upday screen of the Settings application.

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Run dialog: ms-settings:windowsupdateOnce you’re inside the Windows upday display screen, relocate over to the right-hand pane and watch if any kind of Windows upday is presently downloading and install. If any updays are pending, complete the installation by adhering to the on-display instructions.Once eextremely Windows update has actually been installed, repeat the activity that was formerly bring about the ‘Someone else is still making use of this PC’ error and also watch if the worry is now reresolved.