Why does my cd drive keep opening by itself

Windows 10 will certainly randomly open up the Disk Drive and also a document traveler window and also ask me to insert a disk. This is obtaining annoying.
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Hi Matt,

Thank you for posting on vr-tab-quebec.com Community.

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Please examine if uninstalling and also reinstalling the disc drive helps.

Right click the Start Menu and also pick Device Manager.Find and expand DVD/CD-ROM drives.Right click and also choose uninstall. Rebegin the computer system.

Do let us know around the condition. Thank you.

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Hi Matt,

Thank you for posting on vr-tab-quebec.com Community.

Please examine if uninstalling and reinstalling the disc drive helps.

Right click the Start Menu and select Device Manager.Find and also expand also DVD/CD-ROM drives.Right click and also select uninstall. Rebegin the computer system.

Do let us understand about the status. Thank you.

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Did that and I am still having actually the concern at random.
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I am having the exact same problem. Tright here is no disc in the drive. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the drive. This did NOT fix the issue. The concern began instantly after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Please find a settle.
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I"m in the same watercraft. Disable the drive, rollago the driver, nopoint functions. It"s at the suggest wright here the tray will certainly knock right into the desk endless unless I open up the drawer for the tower, let the drive open up, then close it.

Hi i too have actually the same worry, Documents explorer opening via a empty display screen and a tiny home window asking me to insert disk. In my situation though this is happening to my SD card slot. I attempted to uninstall and also reinstall no luck - appears this is coming to be a prevalent trouble looking approximately the net via civilization upgrading to Windows 10.

Come on MS provide us a solution or at leastern an explanation as to why its suddenly doing this.


i had this exact same worry too. it would randomly open up my among my ssd drives. i understand its a setting in home windows that requirements to be turned off. i can"t remember however it"s beginning to randomly open up an additional ssd drive and also i"m trying to find the solution again. i recognize for sure tright here is a setting bring about the issue.
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If you discover the solution it would be good if you might write-up it as currently driving me mad and also tried all various other alternatives discussed without success

i virtually had actually to get committed right into the psych ward for this. The solution that functioned for me isturning off autoplay. for some factor a setting within that triggers the random opening of my C: , D: , E: , and so on. I"m going on 8 hours currently and no pop up of my F: drive(ssd2) randomly opening.

settings->devices->autoplay off


search autoplay and revolve off.

This problem was happening to me ever before considering that I mounted Windows 10 in 2016.

It just began to really bug me so I took the moment to search for a solution.

I simply turned off the autoplay per your solution advice.

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I hope it will occupational for me however just in case I can"t discover my method back below later on. I want to thank you for your time to figure out how to speak this annoying concern. :)

Many many thanks.

I also am having explorer randomly opening my dvd drive. I hardly ever usage and also their in no disc. For me it simply started in the previous month or so. Can"t really pinsuggest a date. But, my updates or pretty a lot on schedule. So, for me its I can"t really blame a details upday. Also, randomly might not be so randomly...it appears to happen when something updates and also require refounding. For instance, I earlier to my PC and it automatically rebegan. And it might not be simply MS type updates, There"s no MS update from yesterday yet my PC did rebegin itself and also the DVD drive was open up. Anythat, just in search of a solution. As many had already sassist it more annoying than anypoint else.