Why does firefox show up twice in task manager

Firefox deserve to occasionally comordinary that it's currently running when you can not see it almost everywhere on your desktop computer. It's not lying, it's just hiding.

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I installed Firefox bereason IE7 just freezes up and runs really sluggish. So farI prefer it. It runs really rapid, yet every now and also then I attempt to begin it andobtain a message saying Firefox is already running and also that I must soptimal theregimen or rebegin my computer system. I was wondering what you think I must orcan carry out, plus I was just wondering what you think of Firefox.

I’m a huge fan of Firefox, and I usage it eincredibly day. I still occasionally runinto websites that don’t work properly in Firefox, yet for the the majority of component Irarely need to open Internet Explorer for my normal surfing.

But yes, I have run into the scenario that you’ve described. I’m always not surewhat reasons it, however I have the right to display you what I perform.

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What I’ve viewed as soon as Firefox comlevels that it’s already running is simplythat it is already running, but it doesn’t actually have any kind of windowsopen up. (One way to pressure this on objective is to set a reserved job that runsFirefox, and also then log out of your computer system and also remain logged out while that taskruns. At leastern that’s exactly how it happens to me.)

If you run task manager, or my favorite: process explorer, after gettingthis message you’ll most likely find that firefox.exe is indeed running:

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