Why does bioshock 2 keep crashing




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This item is incompatible via BioShock 2. Please watch the instructions page for factors why this item might not occupational within BioShock 2.

If your game simply randomly closes itself without ANY error message whatsoever before or also crashes on START - this overview is for you.
You have the right to pick either to disable DirectX10 or to encrease game"s video card memory intake limit.This game"s implementation of DirectX 10 fancy looking surchallenge effects leads Bioshock 2 to crash without any error message - the game simply closes itself randomly. To deal with this initially component of the concern you have to do a pair of steps:1. In your heavy steam library right-click "Bioshock 2" and choose "Properties":
In properties dialog window you must push "Set Launch Options":
Add -dx9 to your launch options and push "OK"
To check that it worked in-game go to "Options -> Graphics Options" and also make sure that "DirectX 10 Detail Surfaces" is greyed out
Instead of turning DirectX 10 completely off you deserve to choose to simply rise video card memory limit for textures that game uses. This must prevent game from crashing because of lack of VRAM
.To attempt this strategy just go to this folder: C:UsersAppDataRoamingBioshock2Steam ***WARNING*** Appdata folder is a covert device folder so you have to go to your device settings and adjust it so it mirrors all surprise and also system records.And open up file "Bioshock2SP.ini"Here you have to search for "TextureStreamingMemoryLimit" worth and also change it from 256 to 2048. It is recommfinished that you select a worth that is not higher then memory of your video card. Also you must adjust TextureStreamingDistanceLimit from whatever it presently is to 10000
If you had formerly used -dx9
command also line you must remove it for your game to begin making use of DirectX10 again:
Thanks to a user by the name of Notional
for this solution, and user Hans Power for the TextureStreamingDistanceLimit solve..
The various other problem is directly tied to your graphics card driver regime - Catalyst Control Center
.I have actually an AMD Radeon and also I"ve skilled plenty of crashes in various Unreal Engine 3 games: Mass Effect 3 Blacklight: Retribution Bioshock 1 & 2All of these games were just crashing randomly.So, what is solution to every one of this? To disable the graphics card program. Catalyst Control Center is supplied for establishing wanted graphical settings in games yet it appears to not work-related very well with UE3 games so we have to resolve it.Now pay attention to your reduced right edge of the display screen and also push UP arrow to reveal all the programs that are running in the background.
Here we go, below is the problem that provides your game crash.There are two possible means to disable it:1) Temporary.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del combination on your keyboard and also pick to launch the "Task Manager".In the Task Manager you should eliminate ALL the processes that are tied to Catalyst to stop them making your games crash:
(Sorry, I have actually the russian version of Windows 7 but the placing of all butloads is the exact same for all localizations)2) Permanent.
If the only point "Catalyst Control Center" does is interferes via your games functionality, why permit it to load on startup eextremely time in the first place?There are many kind of programs that permits you to readjust what do you want to load once your Windows starts.The one I"m utilizing is "Auslogics BoostSpeed" because it"s among the most user-friendly on the sector.To make CCC.exe never pack aacquire you need to open up BoostSpeed"s primary home window and press "All devices -> Startup Manager"
Once tbelow - make sure Catalyst Control Center
is unchecked and you have the right to cshed program"s window.
That is all. CCC which is completely non important for ANY component of your device to function appropriately is never going to be loaded aobtain.P.S.
Nvidia customers have reported that they sometimes have the same problem via their graphics card driver program. Sorry, yet since I only own ATI Radeon video card, I have no principle which processes execute you should disable in order to proccasion Bioshock 2 from crashing.
You might want to back up and remove these folders:C:UsersAppDataRoamingBioshock2SteamC:UsersDocumentsBioshock2And inspect out if your game not crashing on start anymore. If it did sheight, then this solution is for you:1.

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Backup the Bioshock 2 folder from your My Documents folder.2. Delete the original Bioshock 2 folder.3. Launch BioShock 2 and also start a brand-new game.4. Save your game and also leave BioShock 2.5. In My Documents right-click on the new Bioshock 2 folder that was developed and also select Properties.6. Disable the Read-Only checkbox and click OK.7. Move any backed-up save files ago into the brand-new Bioshock 2 folder under Bioshock 2SaveGames.8. Encertain that any type of file relocated ago into the new folder also has the Read-Only checkbox disabled.This solution I"ve found here Also you might desire to look with your save files in "DocumentsBioshock2" folder to check out if tbelow are any kind of corrupted files through 0 kb size and delete them if there are any type of..
.Bioshock 2 appears to corrupt conserves if you save the game on exit. To prevent this from happening NEVER
pick yes option in a dialog home window as soon as you leave the game. Use quicksaves or manual saving rather..
Another problem via Bioshock 2 crashing on start - Compatibility Mode
.Go to folders: SteamSteamAppscommonBioShock 2SPBuildsBinaries SteamSteamAppscommonBioShock 2MPBuildsBinariesBoth folders are containing "Bioshock2.exe" and "Bioshock2Launcher.exe"Check all FOUR of them by ideal clicking them and also choosing "Properties", then pick "Compatibility" tab. Make certain "Run this regimen in compatibility mode for" is unchecked for each file. If it doesn"t aid either, try to run Bioshock 2 in compatibility mode for Windows Vista, Service Pack 2.Also might aid to collection in properties of these 4 papers to run them as administrator.Also do not foracquire to Rate Up and also Favorite this overview if you"ve discovered it helpfulYou can desire to check out my various other guide: Easiest Rank 50 in Bioshock 2 Multiplayer .

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DENIS_Biomechanoid7 minutes ago
Oh, that sucks, is there a previous autoconserve you deserve to revert to? Due to the fact that bioshock 2 was released in the glorious days of Windows Vista and also it is surprisingly unstable on contemporary units for a game based on "Unreal Engine 3"
I"m stuck in a crash loop after saving the incredibly last little bit sister. I am unable to play the game. ._. I am literally about to beat it and also this is VERY annoying.