Why are two mac addresses associated with one port

We have a collection of HP Procurve switches. When I sue the command show mac-deal with, I gain the full table of mac attend to to port assignments. The trouble is, I am gaining on some switches, the exact same mac resolve on two ports. On others I am obtaining the exact same mac address/port combination listed multiple times.

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I am under the impression that this should never before occur. Even HP"s own documentation says that it will asauthorize one mac resolve to one port. I have actually taken into consideration that there might be a second course somehow but it is hard to course out. If I chase the mac address down the alternate course it dead ends.

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Is tbelow any means besides a redudndant loop this can happen? Will a defective switch in the topology carry out it? We recently installed a mesh wireless mechanism. Can these cause problems of this sort?


Hi all and thanks for responding. I did in reality acquire to the bottom of this. First of all, the Mesh Wireless was the culprit. Although I had compiled enough information from my troubleshooting techniques to pertained to the exact same conclusion, I got a tech support person at Open-Mesh to tell me they are rewriting their firmware from the ground up because their approach for blocking ports in a lan bridge environment was not functioning effectively. Also, shutting off the mesh resulted in the packet storm to subside, which pretty much clinches it. Configured as a routing mesh additionally alleviates the difficulties.

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The multiple ports with one mac resolve is explained in an obscure record from HP which discusses the problem of some switches having single enattempt hardware tables, as opposed to some of them having actually multiple enattempt tables. The article actually is dealing with the condition wright here a single enattempt gadget that is doing routing associated through multiple physical web links (as in static vlan connections) linked to a device which used a multiple entry table can result in a faitempt of Spanning Tree to effectively settle, which *might* have actually induced my specific problem, although it is speculation at this suggest. But what is clear is that some switches DO enable a table with a mac deal with arriving on multiple ports.

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