Which user management tool is required to assign a logon script to a user?


Paste the logon script in the NETLOGON share on among the Domain Controllers. The NETLOGON share is located in the adhering to path: c:WindowsSysvolSysvolDoprimary NameScripts.

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Note: You deserve to enter a UNC course in the “Logon script” area and area the file in one more place. However before, this location should be one that is replicated to all Domajor Controllers, and unless you have actually such a folder accessible, I’d suggest you keep to the NETLOGON share.

What permissions are compelled for Logon scripts to run?

Logon scripts run via the credentials of the user. It is recommfinished that the “Domain Users” group shall be given permission to any kind of resources offered by either of these scripts. For example, if the logon manuscript writes to a log file, the group “Domajor Users” need to be given read/create accessibility to the file or the folder where the log file is situated. Most individuals have actually limited privileges on the neighborhood computer system, so logon scripts will have the same restricted privileges.

Assigning the script to the user

Next, we have to decide what user have to have the logon script. We will certainly occupational in that user’s user account in Active Directory Users and also Computers. With this procedure, you deserve to just link ONE logon manuscript to each user, and you need to execute it ONE USER AT A TIME, or, if you have actually the understanding – script the alters in Active Directory (there are techniques to do this, however I won’t obtain right into detail here).

If you plan to have actually even more than ONE logon manuscript, and also if you wish to assign that/those script(s) to more than one user, you could desire to look right into the “Setting up a Logon Script through GPO in Windows Server 2008” write-up.

Open Active Directory Users and also Computers from the Administrative Tools folder (or dsa.msc from RUN).Expand the domain tree, situate the OU wright here the user is situated.Right-click the user object, select Properties.

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In the Profile tab, situate the Logon Script box.In the Logon Script box form the name of the script from step #2. You DO NOT should enter the route, given that it is located in the NETLOGON share. Make sure you enter the full name (i.e. logon.bat or logon.vbs etc.).


Click Ok.

Replicate the DCs

Now we should replicate the DCs in the doprimary by utilizing either Active Directory Sites and also Services, Replmon, Repadmin, or wait a couple of moments (relying on the variety of DCs). As a straightforward follow up to this short article, I suggest you use Active Directory Sites and also Services.

Testing the logon script

On among the computer systems that is part of the domajor, logoff the particular user account.Logon and test.

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If the logon script doesn’t occupational for you, go earlier to the basics and also watch if it works at all by double-clicking on it. See if it’s put in the ideal route – the NETLOGON share on one of the DCs, and also check out if it has replicated to the other DCs. Also examine pergoals by trying to manually run the script from the appropriate route but while logged on as the user, and not as an administrator.

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