Which mode hides all commands and just displays a document

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Office 2013 and Windows 8: Essential Concepts and Skills
Access A database administration mechanism
energetic tab The tab that is currently shown
App bar Displays every one of your apps
application Consists of programs designed to make individuals more abundant
desktop An on-screen work area app
Excel A powerful spreadsheet application
file A called unit of storage
file monitoring Process of organizing documents and also folders
file name The name assigned to a paper as soon as it is saved
folder home windows Used for finding, viewing, and also regulating information
Full Screen mode Hides all regulates and simply displays the record
gallery A collection of graphical selections arranged in a grid or in a list
gesture A activity you make on a touch display
team Contains related regulates
InfoPath Form advance application to create creates for usage on the web
key-board shortcut One or more secrets that percreate a task
KeyTips Keyboard code symbols
library Helps you control multiple folders stored in miscellaneous areas on a computer system
live pevaluation Allows you to point to a gallery choice and view its result in the record
lock screen Windows begin display screen consisting of the date and time
maximize Enbig a window so that it fills the whole screen
lessened home window An open up home window that is surprise from check out however have the right to be presented easily
navigating The procedure of finding a location on a storage tool
OneKeep in mind Note taking application that enables you to keep and share indevelopment
operating device Computer regimen that works with all tasks of computer system hardware
Outlook A interactions and also scheduling app
password Private combination of characters that permits access to a user"s account
path Consists of a drive letter, a colon, and also one or even more folder names
PowerPoint A finish presentation app to create professional-looking presentations
presentation A slide present
Publisher A desktop computer publishing app
Quick Access Toolbar Offers one-tap or one-click accessibility to generally offered regulates
Recycle Bin Location of deleted files
ribbon Control facility in PowerPoint and also various other Office apps
display screen resolution Indicates the number of pixels that is supplied for display screen
ScreenTip On-display screen note that gives the name of the command also and various other information
scroll arrows Enable you to view locations that currently cannot be checked out on the display screen
scroll bar Horizontal or vertical bar that appears when area might not be entirely visible
SharePoint Collaboration app that enables you accessibility and revise papers
shortcut menu A list of commonly supplied commands concerned a things
SkyDrive A cloud storage service
slider An object that enables individuals to choose from multiple predetermined choices
Start display What Windows 8 interchallenge starts with
standing bar Presents information about the presentation
suite Collection of assigned apps obtainable together as a unit
tab Contains a collection of teams
task pane A window that can remajor open and also visible while you work in a record
text box Rectangular box in which you can form text
tile A shortreduced to an application or other content
title bar Horizontal area that includes the window"s name
tool tab A contextual tab
user account Identifies to Windows the apps, resources, and also storage a user can access
user icon A image linked with a user name
user name Unique combination of letters or numbers that identifies a specific user
home window A rectangular location that display screens information and also indevelopment
Word Full-featured word processing application