Which hard drive technology is used to predict when a drive is likely to fail

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true or false.The read/compose head on a magnetic hard drive is at both the top and also bottom of each disk.

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true or false. If you attach the floppy cable in the wrong

direction, the floppy drive light remains on


Which of the adhering to is NOT true around tough disk drives?

a.the 3.5” dimension is frequently provided in desktops

b.a solid state drive has actually no moving components

c.offered state drives are less expensive than magnetic difficult drives

d.tracks on a tough drive are split right into sectors

Which procedure writes sector marmajesties to a difficult drive?


b.low-level formatting

c.high-level formatting

d.sector provisioning

Which difficult drive innovation is offered to predict as soon as a drive is most likely to fail?


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Which of the complying with is true around disk drive interfaces?

a.PATA permits for 2 connectors on a motherboard

b.SATA is the older and also slower technology

c.4 IDE drives have the right to be connected to a solitary 80-pin data cableb.SATA is the older and slower technology

d.the ATAPI typical was developed for optical SATA drives

Which type of cable is required by ATA/66 and also above?

a.40 pins, 66 wires

c.66 pins, 40 wires

b.80 pins, 40 wires

d.40 pins, 80 wires

Why would certainly you usage a round PATA ribbon cable instead of typical level cable?

a.round cables price a lot less

c.round cables provide a better connection than level cables

b.round cables obstruct air flow less inside the case

d.round cables are even more resistant to interference

Why is DMA a far better carry mode than PIO for PATA drives?

a.DMA has actually direct accessibility to the CPU

c.DMA data transfers don’t involve the CPU

b.The DMA bus is much faster than the PIO bus

d.DMA drives price much less than PIO drives

Which of the complying with is true about SCSI drives?

a.SCSI ID 7 has actually a greater priority than SCSI ID 10

c.one end of the SCSI chain demands a terminator

b.each logical tool requires a unique SCSI ID

d.SCSI tools are generally found in SOHO servers and desktops

Which of the adhering to is true around choosing a hard drive?

a.a much faster spindle speed keeps the drive cooler however doesn’t boost performance

b.PATA drives are backward compatible through SATA drives

c.FireWire 800 drives are an excellent option for quick inner drivesb.PATA drives are backward compatible via SATA drives

d.magnetic drives have actually bigger capacity for the money than solid state drives

What need to you save in mind as soon as installing tough drives?a.PATA and SATA won’t be uncovered on the same motherboardc.a PATA drive has actually understand and also slave settingsb.jumpers on SATA drives determine the main and second drived.you must attach power to both connectors on SATA drives

If you are including a difficult drive to a device that already has a drive through Windows mounted on it, which of the complying with is true?

a.you must boot from the Windows setup DVD to prepare the new drive

c.usage the BIOS setup display screen to partition and format the brand-new drive

b.boot Windows and also usage Disk Management to prepare the brand-new drive

d.the new tough drive must usage the same typical as the Windows drive

Which is true about installing a PATA drive?

a.each IDE channel supports a single drive

c.each IDE cable has four connectors for drives

b.a motherboard have the right to assistance up to four EIDE tools

d.you need to set the jumpers to Master when you have actually only one drive

Why can you desire to use a RAID 0 disk configuration?

a.to boost overall disk performance

c.to prevent information loss in situation of a drive failure

b.RAID 0 drives are less expensive than various other RAID drives

d.because RAID 0 gives an automatic disk backup

Which of the complying with finest describes RAID 5?

a.data from one drive is mirrored to another

c.it calls for 3 or more drives and supplies parity checking

b.it boosts performance however not fault tolerance

d.it takes at least 4 disks and also information is striped and also mirrored

Which of the complying with is true around hardware RAID?

a.Microsoft recommends just utilizing software application RAID for the Windows volume

c.you have the right to only develop a RAID 0 or a RAID 5 via hardware RAID

b.it’s finest to install Windows first and then create the RAID selection

d.RAID controllers have their own BIOS

How is information stored on magnetic tape?

a.in parallel


b.in random accessibility form

d.as optical bits

What does a twist in a 34-pin information cable mean?

a.it suggests drive A:

c.it must be linked to the major IDE drive

b.the cable has been damaged

d.it is used for USB floppy

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