Where does hd audio plug into motherboard

I’ve obtained an ASUS H110M-R/C/SI, Socket 1151 (Bulk) and my situation is a DeepCool TESSERACT SW ATX Mid Tower.

From which left one cable: An HD Audio cable.

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The cable itself originates from the audio jack on the front peak of package and also I couldn’t uncover wbelow to put it in the motherboard.

I discover the documentation of the motherboard wright here it was said that the board supports HD Audio.

The pins look something prefer this:

........ .This is what the cable looks like:


Here I think is the documentation.

audio motherboard instance
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you desire #12 labeled "AAFP" (page 9 aka page 1-1) which, 2 pperiods later on is wrongly declared as #11, however if you note, #11 indevelopment says it is 10-1 pins and is an AAFP

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Since you didn"t ask a question, the presumption is you are asking wbelow the front panel cable connects to the motherboard.

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I couldn"t uncover the precise manual for your board bereason of the area I live in, but I looked at the hands-on to a similar board via the same socket.

You will have to look on the board for a connector for the front panel, or F_PANEL. The below image is from the ASUS manual I discovered. It need to be equivalent to yours.


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