When i right click my computer freezes

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Did you ever had actually the misfortune of upgrading your operating mechanism to the brand-new Windows 10, 8.1 and also after you appropriate click on a particular folder or somewhere in the Windows Explorer the system completely freezes or it hangs for a couple of minutes? Well, you don’t must be alarmed because the majority of our Windows 10, 8.1 customers are having actually this particular issue and by reading the lines listed below you will certainly watch exactly how easy it is to settle Windows 8.1 if it hangs or freezes after right-click action.

You will many likely gain this issue when you update your Windows 10, 8.1 operating device and also some applications are not really compatible with the new mechanism. In a lot of of the situations, the “Autodesk Inventor” application will make your operating device react prefer this yet you will certainly view in this tutorial what you have to do and what you need to downfill In order to disable this app.

How to solve Windows 10 if it hangs of freezes after the right-click action?

1. Disable ‘contextmenuhadlers’

Keep in mind that for this strategy you will certainly need to readjust some of the Windows 10, 8.1 registry secrets so if you are having doubts about it please follow the second approach posted a couple of lines listed below.
Look exactly on which folders, documents or “.txt” records you are having the appropriate click worry.Open your Registry editor function you have in your Windows 8.1 operating mechanism.Now if you have concerns via the right click a specific file kind you will need to navigate to the place below and disable or delete the “contextmenuhandlers”:Note: It is very crucial to make a backup copy of the registry editor keys that you will certainly modify or delete in case somepoint goes wrong. The area deserve to be found in one of the routes below:HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*shellex
ContextMenuHandlers (for file appropriate click issues)HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAllfilesystemobjectsshellexContextMenuHandlers (for file folders)HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTFoldershellexContextMenuHandlers (for folders)HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshellexContextMenuHandlers (for file folders)HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTshellexContextMenuHandlers (for file class)

2. Use ShellExView app

Left click or tap on the downfill attach posted belowAfter the download of the “ShellExView” is completed you will certainly must run the application and let it scan your system.When the sdeserve to is complete it will display you all the shell extensions that are in your Windows 8.1 system.Look in the outcomes window that mirrors the shell extensions and left click or tap on the “type” switch in order to type them by form.Now scroll down till you find the context menu handlers of the system.Find the “Autodesk Inventor” conmessage menu handler and disable it.After you disabled it you will certainly need to check if you still have actually the same right-click issue.If the “Autodesk Inventor” conmessage food selection handler was the reason you will must search for the latest version and be certain to check if it is compatible through Windows 8.1Reboot the operating device and also view just how it goes currently.

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3. Fix from Registry Editor

If the Windows 8.1 operating device freezes or hangs once you right click on an open room in the Deskheight you will have to open up the Registry Editor feature.

Left click or tap on “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT” folder located on the left panel in the Registry Editor.In the “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT” folder left-click or tap to expand “Directory” folder.In the “Directory” folder left-click or tap on “Background” folder.In the “Background” folder left-click or tap on “Shellex” folder.In the “Shellex” folder left-click or tap on “ContextMenuHandlers”.In the “ContextMenuHandlers” folder you have to have a “New” folder that is put tright here by default as soon as Windows is installed. If you have actually any kind of various other 3rd parties folders I indicate you make a backup copy of them and remove or disable them one by one and examine if your desktop reacts to the ideal click action.

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4. Other Windows 10, 8.1 freeze issues

Even if Windows is a great OS, it frequently has problems with random freezes. If prior to Windows Report started helping Windows Users through fixes it was hard to get rid of freezes, now you deserve to resolve it easily. We have actually many kind of resolve guides around certain freezes, and also below you will certainly uncover some of the many went to that have the right to assist you, in case the remedies above didn’t job-related. Here they are:

These are the three methods you need to carry out in order to solve your best click function in Windows 8.1 and also prevent it from happening aobtain later on. Please compose us listed below in the comments area of the web page any kind of various other questions you may have on this write-up and we will assist you even more via this concern.