When i open google chrome it opens two tabs

An irritating fault that can happen via Chrome is that as soon as it is began, it opens your home web page as normal, yet then it additionally opens up another web page on another tab. What is resulting in this behaviour and how do you speak it? Here are some tips for solving the difficulty.

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In my situation the difficulty was that a empty tab was opening together with the house web page, however it could be a website, search engine, ad web page and also so on. The reason is constantly the very same and also it is usually quite simple to settle.

Here is a pic of the problem on my PC. Tright here is an about:empty tab:



The cause is either in Chrome’s settings or extensions. It might be in both. Get in chrome://extensions in the address box and also take a cshed look at each one. Are you certain that you require them all? Are there any type of that you don’t remember adding? One of them could be the reason of the added tab, so disable them all, cshed Chrome and also rebegin it. If it starts up OK then you will know that the cause is among the extensions you disabled.

In my situation this did not assist. If it is not an expansion, the trouble is in the settings. Go to the menu and choose Settings.

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Go to the On startup area and it will certainly be set to Open a certain web page or collection of pages. Click the Set pages link. This is what was on my PC:



Any variety of pages can be collection below and each one will be opened in its own tab once Chrome is started. If tright here is even more than one enattempt, then that is your difficulty and also the unwanted tab or tabs must be deleted.

In my case, only one residence web page is mentioned, so where was the about:empty tab coming from? I should admit that it had me fooled for a number of minutes and it was only as soon as I accidentally moved the computer mouse over this that I saw the trouble.



Tbelow is in truth, an added enattempt, but it is blank. That is why it was opening about:empty in the various other tab on startup. The way to remove unwanted startup pages is to computer mouse over them and also then click the cross at the ideal side. When this was done, Chrome only started up with the stated house web page.

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It is widespread for complimentary software program downloads to contained unwanted extras, PUPs or possibly undesirable programs. These regularly include additional startup peras and also might encompass an extension. Deleted the extension, remove the startup web page and Chrome will certainly be returned to normal.