What keystroke should you press to get a logon window if you don’t use the welcome screen?

Since Windows 8, but particularly for Windows 10, there is a brand-new logon screen that calls for a crucial push to create an animation to carry up the input screen for the password. The animation itself takes a couple of seconds to enable as well.

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This is jarring coming from Windows 7, wbelow you might just enter a password at the terminal and log in. Now you have to push a vital, wait, enter password.

Are there any type of known work roughly to disable the first display and/or remove the computer animation.


Yes, you deserve to disable it (by means of Group Policy Editor):

Type WinKey + R, enter gpmodify.msc & press Enter:


This invokes the Microsoft Management Console, with the Group Policy snap-in.

Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization:


Navigate to Do not display screen Lock Display, right-click and go to Properties:


Set the worth to Enabled:


Reboot your PC to reason the Registry readjust take effect.

That"s all there is to it.

Group Policy is a good method of gaining "under the bonnet" of Windows, and also allows for an extra sleek Windows endure.

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For Windows 10 Home edition users the group policy editor (in-depth in the answers offered already) isn"t available. Enabling the group policy editor manually and then adhering to the offered instructions additionally doesn"t job-related.

To disable the lock display screen (i.e. show the login prompt straight as soon as reextending from sleep/on reboot) I offered the directions given at:


This functions for now; although I cannot confirm if it continues to be that method after updating home windows.

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The instructions:

1 – Press the Windows+R key combination to open up a “Run” box.

2 – Type regmodify right into the Run box, then press the Get in essential to open the Regisattempt Editor energy. Note: Click Yes if the “User Account Control” box pops up.)

3 – Create a backup of the Regisattempt by clicking File>Export, then offering the backup file a name and also conserving it to the Deskheight. Note: Be certain to select All for the “Export range”.

4 – Navigate to this Regisattempt key:


5 – Now, examine to watch if tright here is a Regisattempt key dubbed Personalization under the Windows essential. If not, produce one by right-clicking in the right-hand pane, clicking New>Key, and then renaming the brand-new crucial to the name Personalization.

6 – Click on the Personalization essential to choose it.

7 – Right-click in the right-hand pane and select New>DWORD (32-bit) Value. Note: Select DWORD (32-bit) Value even if your COMPUTER is running the 64bit variation of Windows 10.

8 – Name the new worth NoLockScreen.

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9 – Double-click NoLockDisplay, enter the number 1 in the Value information area, then click OK.