What is reminders winrt oop server

Actionuri OOP Server Keeps Running Overview

Tright here are assorted programs in Task Manager that controls the performance of Windows 10. Sometimes, as soon as there is poor performance on Windows system, you can’t wait to check the solutions running in Task Manager.

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It is widespread that you check out a process called Actionuriserver.exe living in the Task Manager via a lot CPU or high memory. Usually, that deserve to result in Blue Screen of Death or some various other device errors, especially game stuttering with fps drops.

By referring to this thcheck out, you are able to learn what Action Uri OOP Server is and also just how to fix the ActionuriServer.exe error on Windows 10.

What is ActionUri OOP Server?

It is said both the programs Actionuri OOP Server and Reminders Winrt OOP Server are related to Windows 10 Cortana.

ActionUriSever.exe is the procedure provided for Cortana to send indevelopment to Microsoft. And as for the reasons why you discover this Actionuri OOP Server keeps using in Task Manager lie in that Cornata will frequently require it to perdevelop itself. Even if you have actually finished this routine, it is most likely that the ActionUriServer.exe comes earlier to Windows 10 as long as Windows Cortana is still running in the background.

After you got the primary principle around the idea of Cortana procedure Actionuri OOP Server, now it is time for you to begin to resolve Windows 10 ActionUri OOP Server stays running in the background.

How to Fix ActionUriServer.exe Keeps Running on Windows 10?

Just as it has actually been discussed that the process Actionuri OOP Server is among the components of Windows 10 Cortana, if you feel choose to disable it to resolve Windows 10 ActionuriServer.exe keeps running in Windows 10, you are to turn off Cortana function with the complying with techniques.

These ways can also be used to Remainders Wirnt OOP Server high CPU or high memory Windows 10.


1: Fix Actionuri OOP Server Keeps Running Automatically

2: Turn Off Cortana Completely in Group Policy Editor

3: Perform System Documents Checker to Solve Windows 10 Action Uri OOP Server Keeps Running

4: Reload Windows 10 Drivers and Programs to Fix this Cortana Background Process Error

Equipment 1: Fix Actionuri OOP Server Keeps Running Automatically

If you hate Actionuri OOP server keeps functioning on Windows 10, the initially thing you need to is disabling Cortana fully. That will certainly proccasion Cortana from utilizing Actionuri OOP Serverall the moment. Here to save your time and also energy, you can depfinish on Cutting edge System Care to instantly turn off Cortana on your PC, which is provided among plenty of individuals.

1. Download, install and run Cutting edge SystemCare.

2. Under Toolbox, hit MyWin10.


You deserve to check out Modern SystemCare is installingthis toolbox for you straight and quickly.

3. In IOlittle MyWin10, under Cortana Settings, switch off Enable Cortana alternative to Disable Cortana.


Go ago to Windows 10 Deskpeak, it is most likely Cortana is not arriving in the taskbar and Actionuri OOP Server won’t constantly run on Windows 10.

Tips: Use Cutting edge SystemCare to Monitor and Protect your PC

In order to prevent various other programs using Actionuri OOP Server and keeping it running, there is a lot should detect the file, spyware, and regisattempt via Cutting edge SystemCare.

In ASC, under Clean & Optimize, inspect package of Select All and also then hit Sdeserve to to offer a comprehensive scan for your computer. Then Fix all the erroneous applications, registries, and so on Besides scanning for problematic items, ASC is also capable of increasing the COMPUTER for games.


Systems 2: Turn Off Cortana Completely in Group Policy Editor

Since the Action Uri OOP Server and also the Reminders Winrt OOP Server are the part of Cortana on Windows 10, to remove Background ActionUri OOP Server from background programs, the many effective way is to disable Cortana on Windows 10.

You would much better attempt to sheight Cortana from running in the background in Group Policy Editor. But you may recognize that tright here are various versions of regisattempt editor on various Windows devices.

Here for your reference, take Windows 10 Home Local Group Regisattempt Policy as an instance. If you are on other Windows mechanism, just make some alters to some of the procedures.

1. Press Windows + R to activate the Run box and then kind in gpmodify.msc in package. Finally, stroke OK to relocate on.

Here as this computer system is on Windows 10 Home edition, Local Group Policy Editor will be elevated.

2. In Local Group Policy Editor, go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search.

3. Under Search, discover out Allow Cortana and double click it to open up its setting window.

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4. In Allow Cortana window, tick the circle of Disabled and also then hit Apply and also OK to save changes and also take result.


5. Then earlier to Local Group Policy Editor again, under Search aacquire, on the appropriate pane, find Do not enable web search and also open it by double clicking it.


6. In Do not enable internet search home window, pick to collection it as Enabled and also then click Apply and OK to conserve alters.


7. After that, you could as well control to perform the very same to set Don’t search the web or display internet outcomes in Search as Enabled.

In this sense, you will certainly have entirely rerelocated Cortana as the assistant, though the Cortana as a procedure installed in Windows 10 has not been uninstalled. While also if you have not effectively disabled Windows 10 Cortana, you can consult even more ways to disable Cortana completely.

At this minute, it is feasible that the Cortana error ActrionUriServer.exe is still supplied on Windows 10 or Reminders winrt oop server high CPU Windows 10 is readdressed without the visibility of Windows 10 Cortana.

Solution 3: Perdevelop System Documents Checker to Solve Windows 10 Action Uri OOP Server Keeps Running

This time, you are meant to exploit SFC (System Data Checker) to scan for the corrupted or damaged mechanism files and that related to Cortana ActionUriSever before.exe process Windows 10. And then aid you correct these papers automatically.

1. Press Windows + R to elevate the Run box and then enter cmd in the box. At last, click OK to obtain into the Command Prompt.

Here you need to make certain you have the governmental privileges on Windows 10.

2. In Command Prompt, input sfc/scannow and then hit Enter to run System File Checker.


3. SFC is detecting the problematic papers on your PC and solving them for you immediately.

Soon after you rerelocated the Action Uri OOP Server file corruption, it is noticeable that Actionuri OOP Server will certainly not remajor in Windows 10 also if Cortana keeps running in the background. Maybe Reminders Winrt OOP Server high CPU disappeared, also.

Systems 4: Refill Windows 10 Drivers and also Programs to Fix this Cortana Background Process Error

To avoid the opportunity that it is the device worry bring about Windows 10 to meet through ActionUri OOP Server keeps running in the background, it is suggestible that you attempt to run a clean boot for Windows 10 and then move right into a Common startup to pack vehicle drivers aobtain.

Prior to the time once you repack all the services, drivers, and also programs for Windows 10, you need to execute a clean boot, and then you deserve to tackle Action Uri Server.exe runs all the time in the background as soon as Cortana keeps opening in Task Manager.

Now try to get to Common startup in Windows 10.

1. Stroke Windows + R to open the Run box and also then enter msconfig in the box.

2. Then in System Configuration window, select Normal startup and then click Applyand OK to save alters.


Then you will certainly be reminded to rebegin your computer, at that time, hit Restart.

After you boot your COMPUTER the next time, check if the Actionurisever before.exe is still running in Task Manager.

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All in all, with regard to the Cortana problem-ActionUri OOP Server persists in running in Windows 10 though you have prevented Cortana from using, the most effective way is to disable Cortana. You deserve to try to perform it by looking for this article.