What is circular kernel context logger

Tright here exists an concern on the Windows Operating System wbelow an influenced user, after utilizing their computer system generally for a short amount of time, has actually their screen reinserted by an unrecognizable, incontinuous, grey screen. When users influenced by this specific issue open up up their computer’s Event Viewer to see what went wrong, they check out one or even more listings of the complying with error message:

Session ‘Circular Kernel Context Logger’ Stopped Due to the Following Error: 0xc0000188

Doing even a light amount of study on this certain Event Viewer error message will carry to light the truth that it is considered to be a pretty prevalent Windows error message and is nothing to be pertained to over. However before, it becomes quite concerning as soon as paired through an influenced user’s screen going out and being reinserted by a grey, totally unrecognizable joke of a display that renders their computer essentially unusable. This particular error message and also this certain problem deserve to be brought about by an range of different things, chief among them being the impacted user’s display vehicle drivers not functioning properly, the maximum file size of the Startup Event Trace Sessions being as well little and the affected computer’s SETUP.ETL file being corrupt.

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While this certain difficulty was first discovered on Windows 7, it have the right to likewise influence versions of the Windows Operating System that were occurred and released after Windows 7. Thankfully, though, there’s a lot a user impacted by this problem deserve to carry out to attempt and fix it. The following are the remedies that have actually proven to be the most efficient as soon as it involves combating this issue:

Solution 1: Make certain that the Superfetch company is allowed and running

You can be seeing a horde of “Session ‘Circular Kernel Conmessage Logger’ Stopped Due to the Following Error: 0xc0000188” error messeras in your computer’s Event Viewer bereason a company recognized as Superfetch is, for some reason, disabled or otherwise not running on your computer. If that’s the reason why you’re experiencing this trouble, all you have to perform in order to eliminate it and never watch this ugly error message ever before aobtain is make certain that the Superfetch organization is not just permitted but is also running. To usage this solution to attempt and also solve this trouble, you need to:

Press the Windows Logo key + R to open up a Run dialog.Type services.msc right into the Run dialog and also press Enter.
In the Services manager, scroll down and situate the Superfetch service, right-click on it and click on Properties.Open the dropdown menu in front of the Startup type: field and click on Automatic to choose it.If the service was not already running, click on Start to start running it. If the company was already running, ssuggest skip this action and also relocate on to the next one.Click on Apply and then on OK.Close the Services manager and also rebegin your computer.

When the computer boots up, continue utilizing it and examine to view whether or not the problem still persists.

Systems 2: Increase the maximum file dimension of the Startup Event Trace Sessions

As declared prior to, an additional fairly common reason of Windows individuals shedding their display screen and having “Session ‘Circular Kernel Conmessage Logger’ Stopped Due to the Following Error: 0xc0000188” error messages in their Event Viewer is the dimension of the Startup Event Trace Sessions not being adequate. If that’s the situation, ssuggest increasing the maximum file size of the Startup Event Trace Sessions have to deal with the trouble for you. To carry out so, you require to:

Open the Start Menu.Search for “cmd“.Right-click on the search outcome titled cmd and click Run as administrator to launch an elevated circumstances of the Command also Prompt that has governmental privileges.Type the following into the elevated Command Prompt and press Enter:


The Performance Monitor must now show up on your screen. In the left pane of the Performance Monitor, double-click on Documents Collector Sets to expand also it.Click on Startup Event Trace Sessions under File Collector Sets.In the appropriate pane of the Performance Monitor, situate the ReadyBoot enattempt and also double-click it.Navigate to the Speak Condition tab and also rearea whatever before is in the Maximum Size field via 40.Click on Apply and then on OK, cshed the Performance Monitor, cshed the elevated Command also Prompt and also restart your computer.

Check to check out if the worry has been resolved as soon as your computer system boots up.

Systems 3: Make your computer system relocation the SETUP.ETL file via a new copy

If neither of the options noted and defined above have operated for you, you have the right to still try a hail Mary – forcing your computer system to rearea the SETUP.ETL file through a new copy. A corrupt SETUP.ETL file can likewise, in many instances, be the situation of this issue, so making your computer rearea its present SETUP.ETL file with a brand-new one should take care of any kind of corruption or other damages inflicted upon the old file. To make your computer system relocation its present SETUP.ETL file through a fresh one, you require to:

Press the Windows Logo key + R to open a Run dialog.Type the complying with right into the Run dialog and also press Enter:


In the circumstances of Windows Explorer that pops up on your display, locate a record titled setup.

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etl, right-click on it and also click Rename.Rename the file to setup.old and press Enter to confirm the activity.If asked whether you’re sure around transforming the file’s expansion, confirm the change.Rebegin your computer. When the computer boots up, it will certainly immediately develop a brand-new SETUP.ETL file, entirely disregarding the old one that you renamed. Once this is done, inspect to watch if this solution regulated to fix this problem for you.
By Kevin Arrows May 1, 2019
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Fix: Session ‘Circular Kernel Context Logger’ Stopped Due to the Following Error 0xc0000188

If the worry is via your Computer or a Lappeak you have to try using Restoro which have the right to scan the repositories and also replace corrupt and absent records. This works in the majority of situations, wright here the issue is originated because of a mechanism corruption. You deserve to downpack Restoro by clicking the Downpack switch below.