What do the green check marks mean on google

I"m utilizing Chrome canary and also this check mark has actually appeared. I do not understand why it showed up and what it means? Page is bookmarked however others from right here are too but no mark; page isn"t conserved for offline analysis. Any thoughts?Also just how do I rerelocate it?!(Click picture to enlarge)




It implies the website is downloaded for offline viewing. You may have actually done it by accident yet that is what the symbol means (unless Google adjusted the definition in your Canary develop which I uncover exceptionally unlikely).

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After unproperly trying rather complex fixes suggested on google forums, I finished up clicking the 3 dots next to the search bar, going to downlots and also browsing the website via the checkmark (using the magnifying glass at the optimal of the pg.) Clicked the three dots beside the site downpack listing and clicked delete, and also the annoying tick was gone.


Pray. Clear Chrome"s data.

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Go to App Info or Application Manager or whatever it is → Chrome → Storage & memory → Manage room → Clear all data.

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This is worked for me.


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