Wd my passport 0748 usb device

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Hello, Not able to solve the concern through below 2 solutions:Systems 1:Try this 1 Plug your external drive. Click on Start --> In search box, type devmgmt.msc and press Get in. "Device Manager" will certainly be opened up. Is tright here any type of yellow mark? Double-click on "Disk drives" and also let me understand if you can watch your outside hard drive under it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Equipment 2:Hello, Try this 1 Click on Start --> In search box, form cmd. When it show "Command also Prompt" in the search list, right-click it and also pick the option "Open as administrator". Open the command prompt and form the below commands collection devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 --> Press Go into start devmgmt.msc --> Press Go into "Device Manager" home window will be opened up. Now in the device manager, click on "View" --> Select "Sexactly how surprise devices" Now expand the nodes "Disk Drives" and "Universal serial bus controller" by clicking "+" symbol. If you find any greyed entries --> Right click on it --> Select "Uninstall". Restart your PC and also connect your external drive. Good Luck
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I recommend you to attempt the diskpart command. Follow the instructions in the connect listed below. Start the command prompt and also type "diskpart", after that form "list disk" and should watch your disks. From the list you pick the variety of the disk have actually worries through and also create "choose disk 1" (if 1 is the number of the disk), after that you need to get a message that the drive is selected. Type "asauthorize letter =J" (or any kind of letter you prefer, which is not in use). This way you should assign a drive letter to the drive, which may result beneficial. If not you must attempt another OS, favor Linux. Those Live CDs can be beneficial. Just in case, try one more USB cable.I really can not imply you any type of specific recoincredibly software program, but you should look for options in the downtons area of this web page or following the link I leave listed below. You have currently reached the WD customer care. My team is trying to aid users in different forums yet we execute not sell phone technical support.https://vr-tab-quebec.com/faq/34271-windows-the-diskpart-command also - the diskpart commandhttps://www.tomshardware.com/ - a topic that may be useful
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Did you try the drive on a second computer? If it stops working on both computer systems then I would certainly suspect the tough disk has actually a nonrecoverable hardware error.Good Luck