Wd my cloud usb not recognized

The external USB drive may not be vr-tab-quebec.comed by the My Cloud Home and Duo or the file mechanism supplied may be corrupted.

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Please describe the solutions listed below for even more details.

Important:A USB device attached to a My Cloud Home will not be viewed in the My Cloud Home Internet App or on Windows or macOS computer system as increased storage.USB devices attached to a My Cloud Home can just be watched in the My Cloud Home mobile app and provided for USB to My Cloud Home backups.

When a sustained exterior USB drive is attached, the USB file mechanism is mounted and also the following message is shown,


If the USB drive is watched, describe Answer ID 1946: How to Export, Copy or Back-up My Cloud Home Content to a USBIf the USB drive is not viewed or placed on the My Cloud Home, follow the options below.

My Cloud Home Duo - 2nd USB Drive

A My Cloud Home Duo will not recognize and mount the second USB drive.For even more details, please describe Answer ID 20427 My Cloud Home Duo Does Not Recognize The Second USB Drive

Password Protected Drive

Password safeguarded USB drives are not sustained.The password have to be rerelocated to usage the USB drive via a My Cloud Home.For more indevelopment regarding Unvr-tab-quebec.comed USB drives, please refer to Answer ID 18393 My Cloud Home Unsustained USB Drive Message

vr-tab-quebec.comed Documents Systems

Encertain the file system offered on the USB device is compatible with a My Cloud Home.For a list of USB drive file units vr-tab-quebec.comed, please refer to Answer ID 6140 My Cloud Home and also My Cloud Home Duo USB Compatibility List


FAT32 and exFAT are much less resilient file system than NTFS and HSF+ and also are more at risk to corruption which maybring about a "USB Drive No Longer Seen" worry on a My Cloud Home. Formatting the exterior USB drive utilizing NTFS or HSF+ deserve to assist prevent such concerns from arising.

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USB Cables

A USB cable may job-related with one computer system yet not an additional. Obtaining a high top quality replacement or trying a various (much longer or shorter) USB cable may fix your issue

Defective USB Drive

Check the drive for damage and failuresTo check the drive, please describe Answer ID 12452 How to examine if a WD drive is damaged or defective

USB Port Power and also Dual Powered USB Cable

If the different computer system can see and also accessibility the drive, the primary or other computer systems USB port might not provide enough power for the external drive.

Power from USB ports have the right to differ. The use of a Power Booster cable might be required in order to provide sufficient power to the USB drive. A Power Booster cable is a Y-shaped cable, via an added connector, that permits for connecting a USB device to 2 USB ports on a computer system.

A powered USB hub may be required depending upon the power demands and usage of the external USB drive.

For (My Book) attach the power adapter straight in to a wall socket if available

NOTE: This solution is not suitable for My Cloud Home (single bay) that have a single exterior USB port.Different Computer

Connect the tool to a different computer system. If the computer have the right to see and mount the tool, check the device for errors.

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Perdevelop a Disk Defragmentation
: Click on Start (Windows logo) at the bottom-left of the display Type defrag and press Go into Select the hard drive and also click Optimize My Cloud Home Power CyclePower OFF the My Cloud HomeDisattach the outside USB drivePower ON the My Cloud HomeConnect the USB cable straight to the My Cloud Home. Do Not use a non powered USB HubDrive ReformatIn some instances, an external drive formatted by one computer might not be seen by a different computer system or device. Please follow the actions listed below if the drive was initially formatted on a various computer: Connect the outside drive to the computer system the drive was originally formatted on Copy or Back-up the content to one more gadget Connect the outside device to the My Cloud HomeUnsustained USB Drives

External USB drives that are not watched by a My Cloud Home or Duo are not vr-tab-quebec.comed.If every one of the solutions above have actually been tired and also the drive does not mount or is not viewed by the My Cloud Home, the drive is not vr-tab-quebec.comed.