Wd my book not turning on

I have actually a hard drive that broke down. It"s a Western Digital My Publication 500 GB Hard drive. The information does not seem damaged but the head doesn"t seem to catch on the drive so it will not start up. I have to know what my choices are for repairing it. File seems safe. Not retrieval difficulty then, simply drive not beginning up.



Some western digital mybook chassies have actually a trouble with the power switch gaining stuck. If you have supplied the power button to revolve the drive off and on this might be the trouble for you too. The symptoms of a stuck power button are just like you define, the drive spins up then shuts down with a click and restarts.

On my mybook I should "tap" the power switch or the plastic near it a few times to get the switch to release.

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Keep in mind that the actual switch does not seem to be stuck as soon as looking at it, it"s somepoint beneath the actual button that gets stuck.


I would imply taking the case acomponent and also attaching the drive to a separate pc. Run a diagnostic on the drive via ontrack or western digital diagnostic tool and make sure there"s no i/o errors on the drive. It could be the case that has actually malworked.



I"ve seen these outside drives fail as soon as the USB power source is as well weak.

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If it has an external power input, use itTry it on one more computer system, preferably a desktop computer machine

The power needs can increase with age, so if this is your problem, be all set to replace it shortly.

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