Vmware configuration file cannot be found

I recently faced an problem through among my VMWare digital machine that when I attempt to run this online machine it did not work-related. VMWare display this message that “Could not open up online machine: .vmx. ".vmx" is not a valid digital machine configuration file.”


Could not open digital machine: G:VPCRakhiQAXPProfQtpWindows XP Professional.vmx.

"G:VPCRakhiQAXPProfQtpWindows XP Professional.vmx" is not a valid virtual machine configuration file.


I attempt to open up .vmx file in notepad then I discovered it was empty (0 KB).


I wanted to settle it conveniently so I try following strategy and it functioned exceptionally well. But this is not a valid recorded process so please try via caution. Following are the steps

1. First of all go to the folder wright here you have actually your virtual machine and delete all .lck folders.


564df2d4-03de-04e8-d1c3-bd2d53dcb1b7.vmem.lck Windows XP Professional.vmdk.lck Windows XP Professional-000001.vmdk.lck Windows XP Professional-000002.vmdk.lck

2. Open the .vmx file. In my instance it was empty and 0KB.

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3. Copy the content from any kind of other .vmx file that you may have actually. This could be from a backup or from various other online machine you may have. Let me understand if you perform not have actually any kind of so I deserve to sfinish one to you.


4. Change adhering to line in the file

scsi0:0.fileName = "Windows XP Professional-000001.vmdk" displayName = "Apps - Windows XP Professional - QTP" nvram = "Windows XP Professional.nvram" extendedConfigData = "Windows XP Professional.vmxf"

To obtain this value “scsi0:0.fileName = "Windows XP Professional-000001.vmdk"” you need to open up Windows Explorer with information view. Sort the folders & files by current date and copy the name of the most recent .vmdk file.  See the picture listed below and you will notice that in my situation it was "Windows XP Professional-000001.vmdk". Other worths are self explanatory however if you have any type of question then post a comment & I will certainly respond back through certain details.


Following line should also be readjusted however I could not find the correct value for it. So I left it prefer this.

ethernet0.generatedAddress = "00:0c:29:1d:4b:3f"

5. After you done editing and enhancing, save & close the file.

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6. Open VMWare and also try to open the online machine. It it present you a message (I foracquired to take screen swarm of that message). The message will certainly say something choose this “Did you copy or relocate this online machine.” It will offer you two alternatives to made a decision from. 1. Copy & 2. Move. Select Copy choice and Do not select move option. If you choose relocate choice then VMWare will certainly not geneprice new SID & various other keys.

7. That it. It have to open up your VMWare digital machine and also you should be great to go.   

Alternative Methods:

There are many various other techniques as well that you deserve to attempt to resolve this problem.

1. Create a brand-new virtual machine & attach the existing .vmdk file: Create a brand-new online machine through custom (advanced) configuration alternative and determined “I will certainly install the operating device later”. Later in the new online machine wizard chose “Use an existing virtual disk”. This will permit you to browse and select your existing online disk. While browsing for file remember to type the folders & papers by current day and also then choose the a lot of current .vmdk file.

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2. Recover vmx from log file: Following pages describe this procedure.

http://communities.vmware.com/message/1029971#1029971 http://www.vi-toolkit.com/wiki/index.php/Recover_vmx_from_log_file 

3. Recreate vmx file: Following peras explain this procedure.

VMware ESX – How to conveniently reproduce a lacking or corrupt VMX file - http://www.techhead.co.uk/vmware-esx-how-to-easily-recreate-a-missing-or-corrupt-vmx-file 

Understanding VMware VMX Configuration Files – Find Out How To Create and also Edit VMX Files