Vlc media player full screen problems

I have actually VLC 3.0.0 mounted on my Ubuntu 15.10 COMPUTER. VLC does not display video effectively in full display.

Windowed mode:


Full Screen:


I have actually tried reinstalling VLC, removing VLC completely using purge & then installing, removing VLC making use of Synaptic & then installing, however this concern remains. Any solution? Note: I offered to have the ability to usage VLC fine some time ago, this concern simply came randomly..

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In Tools > Precommendations > Video > Output adjust to "OpenGL GLX video output(XCB)", save and also rebegin vlc:


If you usage Intel GPU, following setting increases decoding.In Tools > Preferences > Input/Codecs > Hardware-sped up decoding chant to "VA-API video decoder using X11":




I had this problem as quickly as i disabled my video card. Tried many things however none worked. The initially thing i noticed after disabling my video card is my display screen resolution adjusted. So i adjusted it from 800*600 to 1024*768 and played a video clip. To my amusement it was better than before. So i collection it to 1280*1024 and its perfect now. I did it just currently like 10 minutes earlier and automatically posting this so that this one might work for some world.


The function that I had actually to disable on my Mac is Black display in fullscreen mode.Found in

Preferrals --> Video --> Black display screen in fulldisplay screen mode (untick)Hope it helps.

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