Vba invalid procedure call or argument

Afternoon Excel Forum!I posted earlier in January for some help to fine tune a Publish to PDF macro. This went well and also we have appreciated using the usability... until this day, this day I cannot deal with the "Runtime Error 5"
I"ve posted my code listed below, the error is on:"Save as PDF ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedStyle...

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I"ve checked out varying responses on Google, none that fairly enhance what i"m trying to achieve and also additionally struggling to understand what error Runtime 5 is!Any advice would be significantly appreciated
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I did wonder if it might be because there is nothing to specify A19 in Sheets HSE052 Fall PPE Certificate, however this code has actually been functioning for a few months now.
Added the code in and also re ran the macro, it went back through "Run-time error" "9" Subscript out of range"

Based on your original code the sheet name starts via HS052 not HSE052, so you"ll must readjust that.

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A19 is a concatecountry of 3 cells within HS052 Fall PPE Certificate sheet. The formula reads "=CONCATENATE(H6," ",B6," ",F7)"
"sn 100551492 & sn 10551797 Spancollection RA Harness through Adjustable Restraint Lanyard Pass" is the currently the outcome of the concatenate. Do you think this could be also long?
It"s possible, particularly as that is quite a long folder course also. Test it with a brief file name and check out if that makes a difference.

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The spreadsheet works on a number of tabs:1. Harness Register2. Withdrawn from Service Register3. Thounstable Inspection Form -- This is wright here the serial number is pasted into, from the Harness Register, to develop the the Checklist and also Certificate sheets4. HS052 Fall PPE Checklist5. HS052 Fall PPE CertificateI have just taken a much shorter serial number and also gone via the process of developing the certificate, used the macro and also hey presto! it worked!I likewise did an =LEN( on "sn 100551492 & sn 10551797 Spancollection RA Harness via Flexible Restraint Lanyard Pass" which came earlier as 83 personalities, i think this is too lengthy for a filename maybe.
I think it"s the combicountry of the file name and also path being too long. Perhaps you might output them somewright here in your area first, then relocate them later?
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