Using onboard graphics for second monitor

My motherboard is a M5A78L-M PLUS USB3, from ASUS. It have a port for a VGA monitor, and I have a monitor linked to it (this is the secondary monitor).

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I additionally have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 video card, and it has actually a monitor connected to the DVI port onto it (this is the main monitor). This video card doesn"t have actually a VGA port, and the second monitor can not be plugged in this card.

When I boot Windows, every little thing is displayed on the Key Monitor, and I"m not able to use the secondary monitor for anypoint. It"s not well-known once trying to select my screens.

On Device Manager, the monitor isn"t recognized at Monitors, and also at Display Adapters, there"s only NVIDIA Gepressure GTX 960.

This doesn"t work in Linux also. If it might work-related in both OS, it would certainly be great, but emphasis right here is Windows.

What have the right to I carry out to usage my secondary monitor along my major monitor?

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I would indicate checking your UEFI settings.periodically tright here is an choice called iGPU - multi monitor or equivalent,under chipset settings so that as soon as you have a PCIe GPU the onboard graphics gain disabled.

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1)Check UEFI settings,try making onboard as primary

2)Check iGPU and also discrete are working properly ( with tool manager)

3)I wouldn"t reccomend any VGA - HDMI adapters given that analog to digital and also reverse commonly does not work-related very well ( in my experience at least)

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Trying to usage the on-board display card in parallel via the GTX 960is not a configuration that is quickly sustained by Windows.Tbelow might be a method of making it job-related, however I do not understand of one.

On the other hand, the GTX 960 is designed to assistance as much as four monitorsin parallel, which is a configuration that is well-sustained by Windows.

If the trouble is simply that the GTX 960 does not have a VGA port, geting anHDMI-to-VGA adapterin order to put both monitors on the GTX is a cheap solution,founding from $7 on Amazon.That will certainly deal with your difficulty without anymanipulations of Windows (which might not exist).

Below is an example ofone adapterthat has actually this particular day 3,942 extremely positive customer reviews on Amazon:


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