Upgrading windows 7 enterprise to windows 10

I recently reworn down and my agency provided me my lapoptimal as a gift. It is imaged as Windows 7 Enterprise, and I would choose to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro. My issue is that from what I"ve read, tbelow isn"t an upgrade path to Windows 10 without a clean install. I"d prefer to retain every one of my files, programs, settings, etc. Is that possible?
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You are not going to be able to keep programs and papers if you want to percreate a clean install.

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Windows 7 Enterpincrease is technically a higher edition. Windows 10 Enterprise would be its tantamount.

If you desire to move to Windows 10 Pro, that would certainly involve downgrading, which would speak to for a tradition install.

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You could perdevelop a backup in development, yet prepare to reinstall applications and also hardware chauffeurs.

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How to manually backup and also reclaim your files


How to: Perdevelop a custom installation of Windows

There are some exotic options you might attempt if you do really desire to maintain the programs and records.

OpenRegisattempt Editor(WIN + R, kind regedit, hit Enter)

Browse to keyHKEY_Local Machine > Software > vr-tab-quebec.com > Windows NT > CurrentVersion

ChangeEditionIDto Pro(double click EditionID, change value, click OK). In your instance it need to at the minute showEnterprise

ChangeProductNametoWindows 10Pro. In your situation it have to at the moment present Windows 10 Enterprise

Browse to keyHKEY_Local Machine > Software > Wow6432Node > vr-tab-quebec.com > Windows NT > CurrentVersion, change the exact same 2 values as in measures 3 and also 4 above

Close theRegisattempt Editor

Insert theWindows 10Proinstallation media, do an in-location upgrade by launching the setup from desktop (not booting through Windows 10 Pro install media)

When asked, enter yourvalidWindows 10 Pro product crucial and pick what to keep(settings, individual records and also apps, just individual documents or nothing)

Windows 10 Pro in-location upgrade will be done currently.

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