Upgrade windows 7 home premium to windows 7 professional

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You may usage Windows Anytime Upgrade.

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More info: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_install/windows-7-home-premium-upgrade-to-windows-7/cc9187d3-aabf-4757-985a-3233bde94276




Windows 7 EOL is on Jan. 14 2020. I would certainly suggest you to go straight for a Windows 10 upgrade given that it"s still cost-free, whereas upgrading from W7 house premium to ultimate is not totally free.  


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Posted 17 September 2018 - 09:36 AM

I let my friend to carry out the exact same and he made it from 64little bit to 32little.



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Posted 17 September 2018 - 09:44 AM

I once, a lengthy time ago, upgraded from 32-little Windows 7 Home to 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, and also as has actually been provided the only means one deserve to execute this is to acquire the essential installer and also license crucial at cost.   The very same is true if you have actually a 64-little machine that had a 32-little bit version of Windows mounted on it and you want to go to 64-little in the Windows 7 milieu.  That being shelp, if you have actually an equipment that did have 32-little bit Windows 7 installed on 64-little bit hardware it is currently an antique and also absolutely not worth the price of paying for an upgrade license under Windows 7.


That money would be far much better spent buying a nice, refurbished machine (if you can not afford brand-new, and even an extremely low finish brand-new machine will the majority of likely have actually better specs) that comes with Windows 10 on it.

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However before, seeing as the machine posted around is a 64-bit machine via 64-little Windows 7 on it, the smartest point to perform would be Doing an In-location "Upgrade" to Reinstall Windows 10 Keeping Apps/Programs and User Files

NOTE:  1. You execute NOT must follow the instruction regarding turning off Secure Boot.  It is superfluous.
             2. The very same procedure recorded above have the right to be used under Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10.  All the measures up to and including firing up setup.exe sindicate take area in the Windows 7 setting instead of Windows 10.  You are still doing an in-area upgrade, yet it"s an actual upgrade rather than a workabout to acquire Win10 reset up without losing anything.

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