Upgrade 8.1 enterprise to windows 10


To Upgrade from Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10:

1. Downpack Windows 10 Enterpclimb from TigerWare.

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2. After the installation finimelted, double click the ISO file (have to be situated in yourDownloadfolder).


3. SelectDownload and install updates (recommended) on the first display and then Next off.


4. Read over the license terms and click Accept in the bottom right-hand also edge of the screen.


5. The Ready to Install display have to appear. SelectInstall to begin.


6. Your computer system will certainly begin restarting at this point multiple times. Wait for theUpgrading Windowsdisplay screen to complete.

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7. Once your computer reboots, choose your correct user and then clickNext.


8. On the Let's gain linked display screen, select the Wi-Fi connection of your alternative (eduroam on campus) to proceed.

9. Next, selectUse Expush settings.


10. On the New apps for the new Windows display, click Next.

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11. Windows will certainly proceed finishing the installation.Wait a couple of minutes till installation is finish.

Referenced from: Microsoft.com

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