Update for windows 7 for x64-based systems failed

Windows Web Explorer 9 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems

If I attempt to install the upday, Windows Upday will:

Create a reclaim pointFail through the error: Code 9C48 Windows Upday encountered an error.

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The event log for the occasion reads:

Installation Failure: Windows faicaused install the following update via error 0x80070643: Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 for x64-based Solution.


If you search the web for that error, tbelow are many other world through the specific same problem.Sadly, I am unable to apply the proposed options to my case, because I just installed this device.

There is nopoint on it, except Windows 7. I installed the mechanism and also ran via the updays.I likewise did the exact same process through this machine numerous times over the past few days due to a long-term test we just began.

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I didn"t have actually any kind of problems via any Windows Update on the previous installation runs and also I know I didn"t execute anything different this time bereason I followed the installation measures instructions which are to be offered in the time of the test.

How did this take place and also just how execute I settle it?


The variation of Net Explorer 9 that is presently set up is: 9.0.8112.16421:


More Investigation

So, as I always like to carry out, I ran the upday aget while running Process Monitor and also dug up even more details.


First of all, tbelow is a Windows Upday log file situated at C:WindowsWindowsUpdate.log which I didn"t understand around. But I fail to see any kind of significant enattempt in it, probably you"re more lucky:

C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownloadInstallWU-IE9-Windows7-x64.exeExecuting that file manually, results in the complying with error message:



The IE9 installer/updater additionally creates an very own log file situated at

C:WindowsIE9_main.logFor the update session in question, the installer logged:

So, why does it try to store installing the update?

About dialog

Tbelow is a difficulty via the version numbers suggested in the version of Web Explorer that I have installed:


The About dialog will determine my variation of Internet Explorer to be 9.0.8112.16421 while the version information installed in the binary signals a variation of 9.0.8112.16443.This problem was additionally detected by the updater, which causes it to abort (just in various other words).

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How this happens is unclear to me. But once you are in this spot, this seems incredibly tough to gain rid off.

Possible solutions?

Uninstalling Windows Net Explorer 9 and manually installing the cached C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownloadInstallWU-IE9-Windows7-x64.exe will result in the exact same error after applying all pfinishing updates.Running the FixIt Automatically diagnose and also solve common problems via Windows Update does report having resolved concerns with Windows Upday, however didn"t solve the issue.