Unable to reset pc drive partition missing

Hello youcefgamer, welinvolved the vr-tab-quebec.com area, my name is Bruno Leonel, an independent consultant and also I would certainly be happy to aid you.Before performing the actions, make a backup of your papers for higher defense.1 - Run Bootrec.exeBootrec.exe is the utility provided by vr-tab-quebec.com in the Windows recoextremely atmosphere. Any problem pertained to MBR, BCD, boot sector have the right to be corrected using bootrec.exe.You deserve to manipulate Bootrec.exe if the factor for the inability to recollection the PC is absent an error in the required drive partition is corruption in the MBR. Follow the measures to open the Bootrec.exe energy.Initially, insert the Windows installation disc or the bootable USB. Press any type of key to boot from the DVD. Select the language and also time and click OK.Choose Install Windows on the display screen and pick Repair your computer system.From the repair food selection, choose Troubleshoot >> Advanced options >> Command promptType exeno command also promptOnce the procedure is complete, type exe / fixmbrType bexe / fixbootType bexe / scanosType bexe / rebuildbcdIf these commands fail to correct the problem “the COMPUTER cannot be reset, a compelled drive partition is missing”, attempt the following technique provided listed below.2 - Run CHKDSKThe computer"s disk typically suffers errors when the MBR is corrupted, to correct errors resulted in by the MBR or the BCD CHKDSK. CHKDSK is the energy provided at the command also prompt to correct logical errors on the drive.Follow the very same procedure displayed in method 1 until step 3 that shows in the repair food selection select Troubleshoot >> State-of-the-art options >> Command promptType chkdsk E: / f and Get in (E is the name of the drive you should check)If the above procedure additionally stops working to correct the compelled drive partition is absent error, follow the following technique.3 - Run the SFC (System File Checker)Sometimes, lacking or damaged device files can cause the error of not refounding the COMPUTER, a forced drive partition is absent. To correct the error, attempt the Windows device file checker tool.Access command also prompts by following the very same procedure as approach 1 with action 3.Type sfc / scannow. This alternative checks for lacking mechanism files on the whole difficult drive.After the procedure is complete, examine if the important partition is lacking.

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If you still encounter the error message, try to specify the partition as an energetic partition.Set Partition to Active PartitionFor this technique, you will certainly need to usage a command also line tool called DISKPART that will certainly assist you to define your partition as active. Access Command also Prompt through Windows Repair mode described in Method 1, running via step 3. Then, follow the procedures listed below.4 - Type diskpart and also run the DISKPART command line toolType list disk to list available difficult drivesType select disk x to select disk, x represents the number of disks found by diskpartType list partition to get a list of accessible partitions on your difficult drive. For instance, you have the right to obtain partitions choose partition 1, partition 2…. partition x. It counts on how many type of partitions your computer has actually.Enter select partition (number) to choose a partitionEntering energetic to make the selected partition act as an energetic partition.Type Exit departure the diskcomponent lineType Exit to leave from Command also PromptClick Turn off your PCRebegin computer and examine if the error might not reset the PC. A required drive partition is lacking.I hope this helps, If the error still occurs, feel cost-free to write-up again. We will be ready to help!