Turtle beach xo four stealth mic not working

If other players are unable to hear you in Xbox Live chat on your Xbox One Consingle, please inspect the following:

1. The Mic Boom Isn"t Loose in the Mic Boom Jack.

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First, unplug the headcollection from the Xbox One Controller. Then, disaffix the mic boom by pulling it right out of the headcollection and also plug the mic boom ago in, making sure you hear a "click" indicating that the mic boom is linked secudepend. This may take a couple of tries, and note the metal vital alignment if you"re having actually obstacle plugging in the mic boom. Finally, plug the headset back right into the Xbox One Controller and also try to usage it in chat.

2. The Headcollection Works With Anvarious other Device

If the headset"s mic still isn"t working, plug the headset right into a mobile phone and also try making a speak to. If someone had the ability to hear you in the contact, then the microphone itself is functioning properly; continue to Tip 3. If someone was not able to hear you, skip to Step 5.

3. The Xbox One Consingle and also Xbox One Controller are Functioning Properly

Occasionally, you might shed chat due to a consingle or netjob-related error. To quickly deal with this, attempt power cycling the Xbox One. To power cycle the consingle, please execute the following:

Disconnect the headset from the Xbox One Controller.Shut dvery own the Xbox One consingle and disattach the Xbox One power cable. Leave the console unplugged for a minute.Plug the Xbox One power cable earlier in and also power on the console.After the console has completed start-up, log right into your Xbox Live account.NOTE: If Instant Sign-In is allowed on your Xbox One, log out of your Xbox Live account and also then log back in.Plug the headset back right into the Xbox One Controller.

Any errors via the Xbox One consingle have to no much longer be current. The microphone need to now be functioning effectively.

4. Xbox Live Gold Membership is Active and also Settings Are Configured Correctly

If a power cycle did not settle the concern, make certain your Xbox One and headset are enabled for online chat. To easily identify if the settings are configured properly, attempt using the conventional Xbox One headcollection that was consisted of with the console for chat. If you cannot hear chat as soon as utilizing that headset either, the problem may be through the settings or your membership. Make certain your Xbox Live Gold Membership is active and also connumber the privacy settings:

Sign in making use of among the complying with accounts:a) Your Xbox Live accountb) The parent account of the kid accountOn the controller, push the Menu switch.Select Settings, and then select Privacy & digital security.Select the privacy establishing you have actually enabled (son, teenager, adult, custom).Select Communicate with voice and also text.Choose specific friends or everybody.

For Xbox One Controllers with developed in 3.5mm jack only:

Go to Setups > Kinect & Devices > Devices & Accessories > Xbox One Wiremuch less Controller > Volume and make certain Headcollection mic is On.

If other players still cannot hear you in Xbox Live chat, then there might be an issue with the headset. Please call our vr-tab-quebec.com Team for better assistance: Contact vr-tab-quebec.com.

5. The Mic Boom Is Working Properly

To make certain the mic boom itself is functioning, you have the right to affix it straight to a Microphone jack on a COMPUTER and also percreate a recording test:

1) Disattach the mic boom from the headset and also plug it into the Microphone / Line In Jack on your COMPUTER.

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2) In Windows, right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and click "Recording devices".


3) Right click the Microphone / Line In input that the mic boom is plugged right into. If you execute not watch a green inspect next to the tool, click "Set as Default". When it"s the default gadget, click "Properties".


4) Click the "Levels" tab. Move the "Microphone" and "Microphone Boost" levels to halfmeans (or cshed to that). Then click "OK".


5) On the Sound Setups screen, click the "Playback" tab and also make sure your Computer speakers are permitted so you deserve to hear audio playback.


6) Open the Windows Sound Recorder by going to Start > Accessories > Sound Recorder or search for "Sound Recorder".


7) Start recording, then say somepoint or snap your fingers near the mic boom. Click "Stop Recording", then you"ll be triggered to conserve the file.


8) Save the file to your Deskoptimal or another convenient folder.


9) Double click the file to open up it via your media player, then listen for the sound you recorded formerly.

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If you were unable to hear any type of sound in the recording, then the mic boom will certainly should be reput. If you were able to hear the sound you taped but the mic wasn"t working throughout the mobile phone test, then there may be an concern via the headcollection itself. Please contact our vr-tab-quebec.com Team for extra assistance.