Turn off computer during startup repair

I have a Windows 7 computer system which constantly starts up right into "Startup Repair". Startup Repair constantly stops working saying that it cannot repair the computer system and also then proceeds to shutdvery own the computer. I have tried Safe Mode and Safe Mode Command Prompt Only. Neither of them let me bypass the startup repair.

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Is tbelow any type of way to bypass the startup repair to at leastern get to a command also prompt? I"ve googled for this problem and also everyone recommends utilizing the complying with command (however I can not acquire to a command also prompt to execute it):

bcdmodify /set default recoverypermitted No
windows-7 boot
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You can press Shift+F10 to open up the command also prompt throughout the startup repair and deserve to run that command.

I assume that you have actually the Windows-7 bootable disk. So then its extremely basic to get earlier you system functioning aget. Before this enter to bios setup and also inspect that your default boot device is CD/DVD drive, if it is not then collection it to your default boot device. Follow the steps offered below:

1: Insert the Windows 7 installation disc and rebegin the PC and also push any kind of essential as soon as triggered.

2: Select your language preferences and also click Next. Click on Repair your computer system.


3: Select which operating mechanism you want to restore and the click on Next.

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NOTE: If Windows 7 is not listed here, or it is blank, then it is ok. Click on Next anymethod.

4: Select the mechanism recoincredibly choice you desire to do.


Here you have to choose the Command also Prompt and then run that command. You have the right to additionally try the Bootrec /fixmbr and also Bootrec /fixboot to deal with the problem.

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If that doesn"t help then you have the right to try few more points as I have found it on seveforum. Just follow these steps after entering in Command also Prompt

1: On Command Line acessed the folder via the papers that have to substitute C:WindowsSystem32Config. To do that, form cd windows, then cd system32, then cd config

2: Type "dir" to watch the files. Tright here were 5 papers via the termination .gbck, and also 5 files without any type of termicountry. They are the following files: DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE and SYSTEM.

3: Rename all the papers without termicountry to .bak one by one. simply like that: ren COMPONENTS COMPONENTS.bak (you should carry out it for the others 4 files)

4: Rename all the .gbck to without termination one by one. just favor that: ren COMPONENTS.gbck COMPONENTS (you have to do it for the others 4 files)