Touch support with 10 touch points

Recently, I noticed that in my COMPUTER having Windows 10 Pro, in the Control Panel it is created Pen and Touch : Touch support through 20 touch points. See this screenshot

But, after checking the monitor many kind of times I uncovered that it is not registering any kind of touch input. So, why is the OS informing that the monitor supports upto 20 touch points?


Windows can think you have touch assistance bereason you have actually sometouch tool or trackpad or stylus.The touch tool does not need to be the display.On some Dell computers Windows misidentifies the hardware and permits touch whentbelow is none, specifically on laptops, perhaps bereason it misidentifies the laptopmodel.

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If your computer is not touch capable on any type of tool, it would be finest to disregardthis false indication.

If ignoring this problem is not a solution, because other applications might by mistakepresent a wrong interchallenge specialized for touch gadgets, a false touch screenhave the right to be disabled:

Start Device ManagerOpen "Person Interconfront Devices"For all HID-compliant touch screens (tbelow might be more than one listed),in the Action tab pick Disable tool.

tright here is also an application referred to as spacedesk which have the right to use your phone/tablet as a secondary monitor it have the right to cause Touch support via 20 touch points Because u actually have actually it as soon as utilizing phone/tablet as an additional monitor


You could have actually mounted a 3rd party driver that reasons your desktop OS to be identified as a touch-enabled gadget. One of such chauffeurs / applications is e.g. spacedesk which permits you to usage your smartphone or tablet as a secondary monitor. Only after uninstalling it entirely, other applications were able to tell appropriately that my Windows machine has actually no touch-assistance.

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