Toshiba blu ray disc player update

After foolishly selecting to download the brand-new Windows 10 regime for cost-free - I currently uncover that I am unable to play Blue Ray Discs on my Toshiba Satellite lappeak. Does anyone understand how to solve this? (I am also nowleft wondering what else will no much longer occupational on my 1 yr old lapheight.)I would certainly have supposed some alert from vr-tab-quebec.comof the potential for thiskind ofdifficulty - and also I clearly would not have actually chosen to opt for Windows 10 had actually I known this concern would certainly occur. Can I revert ago to Windows 8? At least my computer system wasFULLY operational then...
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Hi Eric,

Thank you for your interemainder in Windows 10.

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Please answer the adhering to concerns so that we have the right to help you.

Does the disk gain detected by Blue Ray Player?

What happens as soon as you attempt to play Blue Ray Discs? Do you get any kind of error?

Which routine were you utilizing earlier to play Blue Ray Discs?

Your question does not contain all the forced information required for us to help you. I indicate you to carry out even more details about the worry you’re dealing with.

Refer to the article listed below and also describe the area “Go earlier to your previous variation of Windows” to Roll back:


Please carry out let us recognize if you require better assistance, we’ll be glad to aid you.

In reply to A. User's write-up on September 12, 2015

Okay I upgraded my Toshiba Qosmio from 8.1 to 10. I have actually a Matshita BD-MLT UJ272 Blu-Ray drive built in. I had the ability to watch my blu-ray movies on my laptop. Because I upgraded, I have actually watched some DVDs without any type of problems. When I try to watch Blu-Ray discs, but, the window fills through green and yellow blocks and I can"t check out anypoint. Sometimes I have heard the sound that is playing over the food selection, which I can not watch. I checked my driver with the regulate panel and also it says I have the latest driver for the disk drive. I deserve to still watch DVDs, yet not Blu-Ray disks. This is exceptionally aggravating.

PS - I"m trying to use Toshiba Blu-Ray Player software application. Windows Media Player will certainly not play them either.

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In reply to James Fortner's short article on September 29, 2015

Hi James,I understand the inconvenience led to. I will be glad to aid you via this.To aid you much better, carry out let us understand if you are able to blu-ray discs in a different system. Also we’d favor to recognize if you tried playing a different blu-ray disc.Meanwhile I would certainly suggest you to try the approaches listed below and check if it resolves the worry.Method 1: Hardware troubleshooter1.Type troubleshooting in the search bar and also open up it.2. Click on watch all in the left pane.3. Run the hardware and tools troubleshooter and also follow the on-display instructions.If that doesn’t assist, please continue to the next technique.Method 2: Install latest driveI would certainly likewise suggest you to downpack the display driver from the manufacturer’s webwebsite and install it. If tright here are no driver for windows 10, please downpack the latest driver and also install it in compatibility mode by following the measures listed below.

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After you have downloaded the driver: a. Right-click on the setup file of the driver and pick "Properties".c. Select "Compatibility" Tab. d. Place a inspect mark alongside "Run this regimen in Compatibility mode" and also choose the appropriate operating device from the drop down list. e. Let the driver install and then examine the usability.Please acquire back to us via the result. We will be glad to help if you need further assistance.