This tool can only be run on systems booted using a pc/at bios

The fastest way to install home windows 7 is from a bootable usb drive. You deserve to cut the install time dvery own to around 15 minutes compared with 30-40 by means of DVD if you use a quick drive.

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People still asking me to describe what is the best way to do this as many type of of the guides digital are also complex, or need 3rd party software which doesn’t always work as they intended to.

With this guide all you must encertain is that your motherboard supports USB booting, and this is a prevalent function currently for most of the computers.

Today I am going to publish a action by action overview which functions perfectly and doesn’t require any kind of additional devices – I have been doing it for some time now to develop bootable Windows install drives.

You must acquire hold of a rapid USB 2.0 flash drive. It doesn’t have to be 32GB or bigger,but, all you need is a 4GB unit. The faster it is, the much better.

What you need:– Windows 7 DVD install disc or ISO image– USB Drive (4GB+ and also as fast as you can get)– Running Windows Operating system– Working set of hands and eyes– A few minutes of your life

Plug in your USB drive in the USB port:


Before going any type of additionally, make certain you have actually removed any vital records on your drive to a safe place, what we are around to execute following is to erase the whole contents of the drive.Insert your DVD of Windows 7 into the computer system, yet don’t start the normal install procedure.Open your ‘My Computer’ and also make a note of the drive numbers of both the USB drive and the DVD drive through Windows 7 records on it.


As you have the right to view from the photo over, the DVD drive is drive has actually letter D assigned and also the USB drive is E.Open the command also prompt via admin civil liberties. Type cmd in Start menu search box and also hit Shift+Ctrl+Go into.To save points really easy, if you check out text in top case, it implies this is what you kind into the command also prompt (you don’t must form in upper case).

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Next type


this lots the diskpart application we must proceed

Then type


the picture over shows our 32 GB USB drive is provided as DISK 2

so you need to type

SELECT DISK 2 (your USB Drive might have actually a various number, don’t follow precisely this text it counts on your usb drive)

You will get a successful response “Disk 2 is currently the selected disk”


Next off we desire to clean the USB drive



you will certainly gain a successful response ‘DiskPart thrived in cleaning the disk”.


After the drive is cleaned follow the list in the photo over (thorough below in list order) – you have the right to likewise note the successful text responses from the OS as you enter each command also.

SELECT DISK 2 (or what number your USB drive has)





Formatting have the right to take a little time relying on the size of the drive, our 32GB unit took around 10 minutes to format - you will certainly view a portion readout till it is finimelted.


Next type:


EXIT (DISK PART will certainly exit)

Type D: CD BOOT (substitute the “D” if important via the letter of your Windows 7 DVD drive)

then key



BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 E: (substitute the “E” if essential through the letter of your now prepared USB drive) – we are telling the system to develop a boot sector file on the USB drive.

Now you can leave the command prompt and also copy all the papers on the Windows 7 DVD to the USB drive.

Once this action is finimelted you’ll be prepared to boot from this drive, all you have to do is connumber your motherboard bios setup to boot initially from USB quite than hard drive or optical drive. If you don’t know exactly how to perform this, describe your certain motherboard hands-on or search the internet.

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Now, Windows 7 installation should take between 40% and also 60% of the time it does from the DVD disc.