This folder is shared with other people

Not to bring up a dead post, however the solution is quite basic. As a issue of reality Proton2 virtually had actually it. Use RMDIR command in command also prompt to delete both the folders and also papers (the folder does not should be empty) without lug up the "this folder is mutual through various other people" eexceptionally time. RMDIR has replaced the old DELTREE from pre-XP home windows.

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I"m gaining real fed up through "This habits is by design" as a response. I"ve discovered a couple of points that have compelled a deal with or workroughly and also whenever I search for a solution, the just answer I find is "This actions is by design".


Some of the Windows Devs really need to come job-related in the setting I occupational in (School) and also perhaps they"ll actually view exactly how silly some of these "Features" really are.

Rant Over.



Guys, I"m running into the very same difficulty on Windows 7. It"s NOT a shared folder thing. It"s happening to my NON-SHARED folders. I uncovered a solution. I sindicate CUT/PASTE the darn things straight into Recycle Bin.

So simply perform this:

1) Find Recycle Bin (hopetotally it"s on your Windows desktop), and double-click it to carry it up.

2) Right-click andCUT all your folders you don"t desire. Hold down the CTRL essential for multiple folders.

3) Paste into Recycle Bin.

Problem solved.


I found a solution. I ssuggest CUT/PASTE the darn things right right into Recycle Bin.

That operated, Kaswyn. Thank you!

To Microsoft:

As others have stated, this "feature", if by architecture, is patently absurd. If I share the root of a drive, e.g., D:, and attempt to relocate or delete a subdirectory that includes countless other subdirectories, I should not need to click "OK" on thousands of annoying dialogs (which is the current behavior).

Aobtain, as others have declared, the behavior is inconsistent across drives. Not all shared drives exhilittle this behavior. For instance, I have three mutual drives (namong which are device volumes) and only one of the drives mirrors eextremely single subcatalog and also file via "Shared" standing at the bottom of the Explorer home window. I have tried un-sharing and also re-sharing the drive and the habits persists.

Sunday, July 3, 2011 6:50 PM
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The security pergoals of my folders were a large mess after I relocated or replicated them approximately the network-related or making use of USB thumb drives. To clear it up, first develop a New Folder at the top level and right click on its Properties -> Security. Observe the "Group or user names" detailed. In my situation, it listed these 4 entries:

Authenticated Users SYSTEM Administrators (HOSTNAMEAdministrators) Users (HOSTNAMEUsers)

Now uncover a optimal level folder whose sub-folders were offering you trouble. Right click its Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Pergoals -> Change Pergoals... Go with the list and also delete anypoint that"s not among the entries over. When you"re done, inspect package for "Relocation all child object perobjectives with inheritable pergoals from this object", then click Apply. Answer Yes to confirm. It may take a while to complete if the folder consists of many files and also sub-folders.

Saturday, August 6, 2011 8:50 AM
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Is tbelow a way to disable it because it store popping up eexceptionally time i delete somepoint from common folders and also partitions.

Thanks in advancement.

DOS command worked for me... quite distructive. :-)

Basically searcs for eincredibly directory in the existing folder and also carries out the rmdir command including sub records and folders without prompting.

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for /D %d in (*) perform rmdir /S /Q "%d"


First post - hope someone finds it beneficial.

Been fighting via this PITA "feature" for a while also... can"t stand also howthe systemrandomly selects sub-folders which are certainly not shared. Steve, That littleDOS commandis extremely useful. Many kind of thanks.
Wednesday, September 7, 2011 5:06 PM
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I encountered this difficulty whilst trying to relocate a folder onto an external partition. What functioned for me wregarding soptimal the lanmanserver organization. Sindicate kind "net stop server" at the command also prompt, or stop the Server business from the Services governmental tool (run solutions.msc).

Friday, January 13, 2012 7:28 PM
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I verify that the above functions, but, if you are running from Explorer, opening a shell or going into solutions to stop a that company before deleting a record, is hardly a handy work-roughly -- not to point out, I got this as soon as I opened up my consingle and also tried to sheight things:

> net sheight lanmanserverThese workstations have sessions on this server: you want to proceed this operation? (Y/N) : yThe following solutions are dependent on the Server business.Stopping the Server business will certainly additionally soptimal these services. Computer BrowserDo you want to continue this operation? (Y/N) : yThe Computer Browser service is avoiding.The Computer Browser business was stopped properly.The Server organization is protecting against.The Server service was quit properly.


The over DID lead me dvery own an exciting path that will job-related around this difficulty, yet I don"t understand what the performance influence might be.

While playing via this some even more, I listed that if I accessed my files through C:usersAstaraDocuments, and also developed a folder, then tried to delete it.. I obtained the "this is shared" message.

But because of having had actually troubles through my Documents connect in C:usersAstara prior to, I had actually a short-cut on my Quicklaunch bar in Windows 7 to my Documents on the server they are located on => \BlissDocuments..

I found that once I accessed it via the server attach, I did NOT obtain the message. So ... I wondered, what if I export "localhost" to all "authenticated users" (giving them r/w accessibility, to the share, which implies they get normal file mod abilities -- have the right to export full access to administrators, as well, but I was trying to perform this as a "normal user". ).

Then I accessed it via \localhostcusersastaraDocuments...

-- I didn"t obtain the "folder is share message!"

I think it would certainly be "fine" for MOST people, they wouldn"t notification any minor hit going with the localorganize , as it is generally dubbed the "loopback" interchallenge, -- because it simply loops ago to the host...(i.e. it"s in software).

So, mount \localhostc on drive "d", and accessibility all your files via drive D.

Now you might take this idea to the limit and remap your boot drive to drive "Z", and mount the netjob-related drive at drive C, so everything would certainly "look" normal, yet that would certainly involve alot of work-related to gain around this MS bug that they don"t care around and might resolve through more sindicate than forcing all customers to mount their regional drives as network drives to get roughly this bug.

Keep in mind -- if you mount your neighborhood drive as a net job-related drive -- be sure in "internet options", to put "localhost" in your trusted zone -- so all your records will not gain tagged as coming from a foreign computer system.

I *don"t think think I will certainly normally use that method -- though I carry out in practice, because I typically access my Documents folder via the shortreduced on my quick-launch bar.

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What I wouldn"t be sure around for the average user *if* there is a performance hit, going with the regional loopback (software) interface... it can be for average PC"s through 100MB/s HD"s tops, no hit would be noticed, yet for individuals gaining 600+ or through raids, then the overhead can become more significant...