This device cannot use a trusted platform module bitlocker windows 10

If you receive the error message ‘This tool cannot usage a Trusted Platdevelop Module’, it deserve to be resulted in if your computer doesn’t have a TPM chip or as a result of your team policies. Users have reported that when they attempt to encrypt a drive on their Windows 10 making use of the integrated BitLocker, they are prompted through the sassist error message. The error message includes the deal with if looked at closely, but, not everyone has the competency to implement the workabout.

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This Device Can’t Use a Trusted Platdevelop Module

BitLocker is an essential function of Windows 10 and generally comes in handy as soon as we have to encrypt certain tough drives to proccasion others from accessing them. If you execute not already know, Trusted Platcreate Module or TPM is a chip that comes in most of the motherboards which is supplied to develop and store cryptographic tricks. You will certainly have the ability to circumvent the worry when you have gone through this article.

What causes the ‘This Device Cannot Use a Trusted Platdevelop Module’ Error on Windows 10?

Well, as we discussed, this error occurs once you are trying to encrypt a drive through BitLocker and is often led to by the adhering to factors —

TPM chip on your motherboard: In some instances, the error occurs once your motherboard doesn’t have a TPM chip set up. Because of this, before you acquire into the solutions, you have to look up your motherboard to view if it features a TPM chip.Group Policies: Anvarious other reason of the error have the right to be your system’s Group Policies. As the error message says, you will certainly need to modify your group policies to isolate the concern.

Getting onto the options, you can usage the services offered dvery own below to resolve your issue. Please make sure you use an administrator account as a few steps are offered down listed below will require governmental privileges.

Systems 1: Allowing BitLocker without TPM

As we have actually mentioned above, the error occurs as soon as your motherboard has actually no TPM chip. In such a situation, you have the right to bypass this and also permit BitLocker without TPM chip. To execute this, you will have modify your system’s group plan. Here’s just how to do it:

Press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box.Type in ‘gpmodify.msc’ and also then press Enter.Once the Local Group Policy Editor opens up up, navigate to the following directory:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Contents > BitLocker Drive Encryption > Operating System DrivesTright here, find the ‘Require additional authentication at startup’ plan and double-click to connumber it.The establishing, by default, is set to Not Configured. Change it to Enabled.Afterward, make certain the ‘Allow Bitlocker without a compatible TPM’ box is checked.

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Modifying Policy to Run Bitlocker without TPMClick Apply and then hit OK.Restart your mechanism and view if it fixes the problem.

Systems 2: Rejoining Computer Domain

The concern periodically deserve to be created by the domajor that you are linked to. If this situation is applicable to you, you deserve to try to fix the problem by leaving the domain and then joining it aobtain. Here’s just how to leave the domain:

Press Windows Key + I to open up Settings.Go to Accounts and also then navigate to the ‘Access occupational and school’ tab.
Account SettingsSelect the domain you are linked to and also click Disconnect.Follow the on-display screen pop-ups to leave the doprimary.Rebegin your system.You deserve to join the domain again if you wish to do so.See if it fixes the concern.

These options will certainly many most likely deal with your concern and you should be able to use BitLocker again.

By Kevin Arrows March 2, 2020
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Fix: This Device Cannot Use a Trusted Platdevelop Module

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