There was a problem and microsoft word was closed

My wife was working on a record yesterday and Word craburned on her suddenly. The error message "Tright here was problem and also Word has closed. We apologise for the inconvenience". is displayed in addition to the checkbox to restart MS Word and also recuperate the document.

When I try refounding the error message reshows up instantly and also it shows up stuck in a loop. I have actually tried :-

1. Unchecking package to just restart MS Word - no adjust.

2. Shutting down my system and rebeginning - no change.

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3. Reinstalling word - no readjust.

Any advice, suggestions appreciated.

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Are you trying to open up by trying to reopen up the document?If so, Try opening Word itself and also produce a new file. If opens you have actually a corrupt file.If you open up through very same Error message, attempt Rebeginning via shift vital down.This bypasses the Word Preferrals. If Word opens up its preferences are corrupt.To fix: find the and also Remove to trash and also empty.For 2016 the means to uncover the plist file is:From Finder host dvery own alternative crucial while clicking on go menu.Click on Library.ContainersPreferencesNow try Word.Should it still come up via error. Try repairing permissions:On systems prior to EL CapitanGo to DiskUtilities Choose Repair Pergoals. (Run twice)For EL Capitan and above, the user have the right to no longer as a matter of course Repair perobjectives.The device itself is supposed to do so instantly. But the system have the right to be required to do so.To force a Disk Permission repair, restart in Safe Mode.(Hold dvery own change crucial while refounding.)On some Mac models the video will certainly blackout during the duration the computer system is check pergoals.Sign in as soon as asked (use the exact same password that you usage to install software).Let end up loading then restart usually aacquire.

If namong this helps you may need to reinstall Office 2016. Locate and follow procedure for total scratched earth install as administer website. All Traces eexceptionally wbelow components are mounted should be removed. The just thing to make it through once you go this path is you data records (even then I"d be mindful about retaining the file that causedwhatever to go "Boom!".

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