There is a problem with your battery so your computer might shut down suddenly

"Consider replacing your battery. There is a trouble through your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly."

I was on my computer system between classes on campus this particular day when my computer system must have actually shut down instantly. It was on battery power. I checked my battery level and it was at around 20% as soon as I acquired approximately go throw amethod some trash and also as soon as I came earlier, it was shut dvery own, which is weird because I wasn't gone for even more than 10 secs. I assumed it was weird, but in all honesty, I was on my method to class and also I was around to shut it down anyways so I didn't worry around it.

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I simply got home a few hrs ago and also my lapoptimal has actually been in my backfill the totality time. I tried booting it up while I gained out the power cable because I kbrand-new it was low and also I always save it plugged in when at house but it didn't rotate on also though it have to have 20% battery left. I plug it in and it boots up via the babsence page that claims "resume windows normally", as if I had actually let it run out of battery. After it starts (I guess it put itself to sleep/hibercountry, not shut down), there's a red X on my battery symbol in the tray and also it's informing me that "Consider replacing your battery." and also once I click the icon, it states "Tright here is a difficulty with your battery, so your computer system could shut dvery own suddenly."

I believed it was weird, so I rebooted, that didn't settle anything, so I shut dvery own and also pulled out the battery. I saw that the first battery switch thing (the switches where you slide one to unlock and then hold the other to remove the battery) was unlocked, so I assumed it should have been accidentally relocated and also that was leading to the warning.

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I rebegan and also it's still tbelow. The computer is nearly 2 years old now yet I didn't think that that was as well old... Do I need to rearea my battery, or is it something else?

INFORMATION: I'm running Windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005. I haven't mounted or updated anypoint freshly, and also I haven't noticed a loss of charge on my battery. If it matters, the battery must be an extended size battery or something bereason it butts out under the instance and also lasts more than likely 4 hrs with light to tool usage. But it's the one that came via the lappeak, not one that was put in later.

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Also, I did a quick Google search and pertained to no solid conclusion except that it was a big sufficient problem that Windows/HP/Toshiba were most likely functioning on a solution, yet those short articles were from a few years earlier. This is an additional nail in the "I will certainly never buy a Toshiba product again" coffin... Thanks for your aid in breakthrough, you guys are great!

TL;DR: My lapheight shut down all of a sudden on campus this day, and also once I plugged it in and turned it on at residence later, it offers me the warning that's the title of this article.

EDIT: The general consensus seems to be that I should be in the industry for a new battery. Thanks for all the help!