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I"ve acquired an LG34UC98, making use of its original DP cable right into a RX ROG 480 8GB.This is the second time now that I"ve acquired this error and also it pressures the monitor to run at 30 FPS rather of 75.If both DisplayPort 1.2 and also AMD FreeSync is disabled in the monitor"s settings, I have the right to set the refresh rate to 60Hz. If I allow the former, it"s limited to 50 and also yeah through the latter it"s limited to 30 FPS.Happened once I simply turned my computer system on a minute back... exceptionally weird.Does this indicate a faulty monitor, cable, GPU or... something else...?

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CPU: Ryzen 3700X | Motherboard: MSI Tomahawk B450 | GPU: ASUS Radeon RX 480 ROG Strix | RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 3000MHz | SSD: Samsung 250GB | 500GB | 2TB | Crucial 2x1TB | Power Supply: Corsair HX750i | Cooling: Noctua NH-D15 | Case: CoolerMaster H500M | Monitor: LG 34" Ultrawide (LG34UC98)

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Sorry for posting to this older thread, but I guess the difficulty is as well widespread for a new thcheck out and also tbelow is no certain solution.I have actually the exact same difficulty via an iiyama 27" Monitor (red eagle, 1080p, 144hz, freesync 45-144Hz) and an RX 580 Special edition. When I have actually freesync turned off (DP 1.2 cable) from the monitor the 144hz is easily accessible via the diplay properties within windows 10 and also functions fine. Whenever before I rotate on freesync from the monitor i gain the "system has detected a link faitempt message" on cold boot or rebegin. Sometimes, the 144Hz work-related however the message pops up incredibly typically and also once it occurs the Monitor is running at 60hz through no alternative accessible to change the refresh price to 144Hz. And as mentionen, it just happens as soon as freesync is turned on from the monitor OSD food selection.What I have tried so far without success:1) Fresh windows 10 install updated to the creators autumn update2) Latest AMD screen chauffeurs or older ones, all after a clean uninstall using DDU in safe mode and deleting the AMD folder3) Changed sever before DP cables4) unplug-replug the cables from the monitor or GPU appears to provide ago the 144 Hz but the error keeps popping up after a restart reverting earlier to 60hz refresh price.5) Unplug-replug the monitor power cable.6) change the power setup from within windows 10 to high performance7) adjusted from the OSD food selection the input alternative from auto to displayport and Bios GPU settings (asrock z97) to dgpu and also gen3.Namong the over has actually worked so far.Does anyone have actually an principle on how to resolve this?