The specified buffer contains ill-formed data

I went with the steps to watch if the trouble was a virus and also it does not look choose that is the problem the PC restarts I gain the message that the Avira Engine can"t start. When I launch Steam I acquire "The application was unable to start properly (0x000007b)." I additionally acquire this as soon as I right click the Steam icon and click on Exit Steam. When I attempt to launch the GeForce Experience the babsence container tons, but then stops through a popup "Error Code 0x0003".I"ve searched on all those errors and tried the miscellaneous options and also reinstalling Steam, Avira, and also GeForce. All remounted without error, but the original errors persist. Any ideas?

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I do not have actually a solution, but I deserve to tell you what I would certainly do if it were mine.1- contact Avira support and acquire a energy to totally remove Avira 2- rerelocate Avira3- start Windows Defender4- uninstall Steam5- uninstall GeForce Experience6- download and also run DDU to clear all traces of GeForce7- following specific directions, run SFC ( inspect system/motherboard maker and download and also install chipcollection and mechanism drivers9- download and also install nVidia motorists (not the extras)10- download and also install SteamAt this point, hopetotally, you are no much longer obtaining errors in Steam - make a restore point or an image backup. You might currently try GeForce extras and also Avira. If errors start aacquire, you now have a specific suspect.In my situation, I uncovered my Dell Precision T3500 (Windows 64 Pro, Intel Xeon, 6c/12t, 12GB RAM, GTX 1050 Ti) was happier not making use of Avira and also not making use of Experience. Your mileage may vary.

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All the other procedures went well, yet when I tried to run DISM.exe from Step 7 I got thisImage Version: 10.0.17134.706<== 4.8% >Error: 605The specified buffer consists of ill-created data.The DISM log file deserve to be uncovered at C:WINDOWSLogsDISMdism.log
I ran SFC /SCANNOW and got..."Windows Reresource Protection found corrupt records and successfully repaired them."However as soon as I tried to run DISM.exe aacquire I obtained the very same error as prior to.

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To summarize, you are using the March 2018 variation (1803) of Windows 10 and have actually not updated to the existing variation. Tbelow shows up to be an easy error reported by DISM which SFC cannot conquer. DISM log file discovered at C:WINDOWSLogsDISMdism.log might offer more information.This might assist.. it were mine, I would make a thorough back up of my information papers (additionally a great concept anytime), download Windows 10 variation 1809 ISO disk and also perform a clean install from a DVD (consisting of rerelocating and re-producing partitions).Sorry, there is no simple answer.