The software licensing service reported that the grace period expired

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Here’s how to check exactly how many type of days are left prior to Microsoft 365 demands an digital ‘licence check’ to confirm your licence. Microsoft calls this a ‘grace period’. Also what’s the maximum possible offline accessibility duration.

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SeeRestart or rebrand-new Microsoft 365 licence before going offline

Office 365 / Microsoft 365 software program and also apps check the validity of the linked plan at least eexceptionally 30 days. That happens regardless of how long prior to your Microsoft 365 plan expires. It doesn’t matter if your arrangement has a year or more to run, the software program checks via Microsoft’s servers at least every 30 days.

Disclaimer: the information below has not been confirmed by Microsoft. All the information available argues that the ‘Grace Period’ is the moment prior to an additional licence examine is compelled.

Microsoft calls this a ‘grace period’ or ‘remaining grace’, the number of days (also minutes) before Office software application will block editing and enhancing of files and also drop to Reduced Functionality mode

Tbelow is a method to find just how long your Office software program can run without an virtual licence inspect. That’s necessary indevelopment if you’re going somewbelow via limited or no Web access.

The large majority of Microsoft 365 users don’t have to problem around licence checks bereason their computers/devices are linked to the Internet at leastern eincredibly few weeks. This information is only advantageous for human being going offline for three weeks or more.

Remaining Grace period

In a Command Prompt home window, you deserve to see more licence details including the ‘Remaining Grace’ duration for your Microsoft 365/Office 365 licence.


In this situation, Office will certainly job-related offline for one more 26 days (37,697 minutes) prior to it’ll drop to Reduced Functionality mode.

View Licence status

Open a Windows Command Prompt. Start, form ‘Command’ or ‘CMD’ to check out the Command also Prompt choice.

Change to the Office routine folder either:

For 64-little bit Office

CD C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16

For 32-little Office

CD C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice16If you’re not sure, attempt the 64-little folder, if that doesn’t exist try the 32-little (x86) alternative.

In the main Office regimen folder use this command:

cmanuscript ospp.vbs /dstatusThe outcome will look somewhat prefer this.

Let’s break down some of these elements:

Licence Name & Description

‘Office 16’ is confusing yet that’s what even Microsoft 365 / Office software is labelled internally.

“O365HomePremR_Subscription” or similar, is the bit to look for.

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Naturally, that line will vary if you have a Personal or corpoprice setup,

Presumably at some phase the ‘O365’ will certainly readjust to ‘M365’ or ‘MS365’. References to ‘Home’ will readjust to the brand-new name ‘Family’.

The summary confirms this is a “timebased validity period” in other words a ‘subscription’ or software program rental.

Licence Status

The magic word ‘LICENSED’ is all you need right here.

Error code and description

As the additional text says, overlook the ‘ERROR CODE’ if the product is licensed.

Remaining Grace

The amount of time prior to an additional Microsoft 365 licence examine is vital.

If that time drops to zero minutes, Office programs drop to non-modifying Reduced Functionality mode.

In the over instance, the 22 days grace is on a computer that runs 24/7. Even after logging out and also into both Office and the computer, the licence hasn’t been rechecked as Microsoft states it should be.

Maximum Grace Period

The highest possible Grace Period we’ve seen is 32 days or 46,080 minutes. That shows up to be Microsoft’s stated ’30 days offline’ plus a small additional.


Product ID, SKU ID and also Product Key

Tright here have the right to be more than one Office licence registered on the computer system, it deserve to be confutilizing. The Licence Name and also Description entries, discussed over, as a better guide to what the licence is for.

The Product ID and also SKU ID’s aren’t a lot of aid bereason there’s no referral to those ID’s on Microsoft’s very own internet site.

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The “Last 5 personalities of installed product key:” helps for perpetual licence commodities prefer Office 2019. The command to remove a licence requirements those personalities. For subscription commodities the ‘product key’ is visible to customers.

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