The sample rate is not supported by the current audio device

Pro Tools sample price error message

If you’re obtaining a Pro Tools error message that starts with “The present playback engine does not support a sample price of…” or having troubles due to a sample rate misenhance, you most likely need to readjust the Playearlier Engine or readjust the sample rate in Pro Tools. You have the right to solve both of these issues 2 ways:

Change the Playback Engine in Pro Tools

One means to potentially deal with this problem is to adjust the Playago Engine (interface) in the settings:

If Pro Tools opens

Dismiss out on the message and open up the Setup menu, and select Playearlier Engine.

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 Then, adjust the Playago Engine in Pro Tools from the drop-down menu to your interconfront.


If Pro Tools launches, adjust the playearlier engine in the choices.

If Pro Tools doesn’t open

Launch Pro Tools and also hold the ‘N’ key as soon as you watch the Pro Tools splash display. This will allow you to pick the Playback Engine before Pro Tools tries to initialize it.


If Pro Tools doesn’t launch, Hold ‘N’ while Pro Tools is loading.

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Change the sample price in Pro Tools

Before you launch Pro Tools, you will certainly have to go to your mechanism sound settings and also verify that the sample price matches that of the project. However, since there’s no way to adjust the sample price in Pro Tools directly from the project, you can create a new session and import all of the current project’s data at the wanted sample rate in Pro Tools.

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Navigate to File, pick Save As, then choose a name and also location for your project.Cshed out of that task, then create a new one at the desired sample price.With the brand-new task open up, navigate to File, select Import, then choose Import Session Data.Navigate to the place where you conserved your task, select it, then load it.

Still getting the error?

If you still gain this error or if your playearlier engine was currently collection correctly, make sure you have the latest driver installed for your interface. Also, make sure your system sound settings aren’t utilizing the driver for your interconfront, which will regularly reason this error. Also, be sure to inspect out our guides on how to trouble audio interchallenge issues on PC and Mac.


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