The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process windows 10

Several Windows individuals are encountering the “The procedure cannot access the file because it is being supplied by another process” error. Many of the time, the worry occurs when the user tries to run a netsh command also. Some customers are reporting that for them, the error message shows up as soon as they attempt to right-click a website in the IIS (Web Indevelopment Services ) MMC (Microsoft Management Console) snap-in.

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The process cannot access the file because it is being used by one more process

The issue is reported to occur on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and on various Windows Server versions.

What reasons the process to be used by an additional process?

We investigated this particular concern by looking at various user reports and also the repair tactics that they offered to acquire the worry resolved. Based on what we were able to gather, tright here are several widespread scenarios that will certainly create this certain error message:

The command also requires admin privileges – If you’re encountering the error inside a terminal, it’s a lot of likely because you don’t have governmental privileges to make the changes. Several individuals in a comparable case have managed to get the worry reresolved by providing admin privileges.Anvarious other procedure is utilizing port 80 or port 443 – This is typical through computer systems running IIS (Net Indevelopment Services). If an additional process is making use of these 2 ports, you will see this error message.The ListenOnlyList registry subvital is not configured correctly – Anvarious other prevalent scenario via IIS (Internet Indevelopment services) that will certainly trigger this certain error is an mistakenly configured ListenOnlyList registry subvital.

If you’re presently struggling to solve this particular error message, this article will certainly provide you via a collection of proved troubleshooting procedures. Down listed below, you have a collection of methods that various other individuals in a similar instance have actually used to get the issue reresolved.

For the finest outcomes, follow the approaches listed below in order until you encounter a resolve that is effective in refixing the error in your particular scenario.

Let’s begin!

Method 1: Running the command also with admin privileges

If you’re obtaining this error as soon as trying to run a netsh command also, it’s likely that the error is occurring because you don’t have admin privileges. This is reported to happen even more than frequently once the user tries to run a command also that adds exclusions to the dynamic port range for indigenous Windows apps or 3rd party application.

Keep in mind that an procedure of this type will certainly need administrator privileges. To encertain that the CMD window you’re trying to perdevelop the activity in has actually admin privileges, follow the actions below:

Press Windows essential + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, form “cmd” and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open up an elevated Command also Prompt.Opening an elevated Command Prompt windowWhen prompted by the UAC (User Account Control), click Yes to grant admin privileges.
In the elevated Command Prompt, run the command also again and watch if you’re still encountering the very same error message.

If you’re still acquiring the “The procedure cannot access the file bereason it is being provided by an additional process” error or this scenario wasn’t applicable, move dvery own to the following method listed below.

Method 2: Setting a different IP range

If you’re trying to settle a conflict DNS conflict using netsh and also the method above didn’t aid you, you can desire to try a various technique.

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Several users struggling to resolve the exact same error message have found that the dispute is readdressed after they tried to set a completely various IP array rather of producing an exclusion range.

Below you have actually a couple of regulates that one influenced user efficiently ran to solve a conflict between DNS and also Quickbooks:

netsh int ipv4 set dynamicport tcp start=10000 num=1000netsh int ipv4 collection dynamicport udp start=10000 num=1000Note: Encertain that the terminal you’re running the command in has admin privileges.

If this technique didn’t resolve the conflict or wasn’t applicable to the situation that you’re encountering, relocate down to the final strategy.

Method 3: Readdressing the IIS port conflict

If you are encountering the problem while trying to right-click a website item inside the IIS MMC snap-in (clicking Start doesn’t execute anything), you’ll must usage the Netstat.exe energy to number out if another process is utilizing port 80 and also port 443.

This concern is rather prevalent through computer systems running Microsoft IIS 6.0 and also 7.0. Based on the official Microsoft documentation, the error message will show up if among the complying with conditions are applicable to your current situation:

The ListenOnlyList registry subkey is not configured appropriately on the IIS running computer.Another process is making use of the TCP port (80) or the SSL port (443) required by the IIS.

To settle this concern, we’ll need to deploy the Netstat.exe utility in order to determine if one more process is using the ports specified over. If the utility determines that the ports are not being used, we’ll examine the ListenOnlyList subcrucial to see if it’s correctly configured.

Here’s a step-by-action overview via the totality thing:

Press Windows crucial + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, form “cmd” and also push Ctrl + Change + Enter to open up up an elevated Command Prompt. When prompted by the UAC (User Account Control), click Yes to give bureaucratic privileges.Opening an elevated Command also Prompt windowInside the elevated command also prompt, run the adhering to command to begin the Netstat.exe utility:

netstat -anoOnce you acquire a rerevolve, scroll through the list of Active Connections and also verify whether the ports 50 and 443 are being proactively offered by a different process.

Verifying if the ports are being provided by a different processNote: If the ports are being actively provided by a different procedure, you’ve just regulated to identify the resource of your difficulty. In this situation, look digital for particular actions on exactly how to fix the port dispute according to the PID of the port.Cshed the elevated Command Prompt as we won’t need admin privileges for the next steps.If the ports aren’t actively offered, push Windows key + R to open up up a Run dialog box. Then, form ‘regedit‘ and push Enter to open up the Registry Editor. When motivated by the UAC (User account control), click Yes to give bureaucratic privileges.
Opening the Registry Editor utilityInside the Registry editor, usage the left pane to navigate to the following location:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesHTTPParametersListenOnlyListNote: In situation the ListenOnlyList subessential is not present, there’s no should develop one as an IP address of will be used by default.Before you go ahead and modify the ListenOnlyList subvital, you’ll should sheight the HTTP service that is running the IIS. So put the Regisattempt Editor in the background as we’ll go back to it in a minute.Next, press Windows key + R to open a Run dialog box, form ‘cmd‘ and also press Enter to open one more Command Prompt home window.Run dialog: cmdIn the Cmd prompt, run the adhering to command and also push Enter to speak the HTTP organization responsible for running the IIS:net sheight httpWhen asked whether you desire to continue this operation, type ‘Y’ and also press Get in to confirm the operation.
Disabling the HTTP ServiceOnce the HTTP company is disabled, cshed the Command Prompt window and also go back to the Registry Editor.With the ListenOnlyList subcrucial selected, move over to the right-hand also pane and also encertain that it has valid IP addresses. If you spot an IP resolve that isn’t valid, rerelocate it or modify it to reflect an enattempt through a valid IP attend to.

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Deleting the Binary values through invalid IPsNote: In instance the ListenOnlyList subvital is existing and also the deal with is noted, you should delete all the other IP addresses.Close Regisattempt Editor and also restart your computer.At the next startup, the HTTP service have to be immediately began. But simply to make sure, press Windows key + R to open up an additional Run dialog box. Then, type “cmd” and press Enter to open up a Command Prompt home window.Opening a normal Command also Prompt windowIn the recently opened Command Prompt, type the complying with command to ensure that the HTTP company is started:net begin httpNote: If you get returned a message saying that “The asked for business has actually been currently started” you are excellent to go.Attempt to start a company from the Microsoft Web Information Services (IIS) Microsoft Management Consingle (MMC) snap-in. You need to no much longer encounter the ‘process cannot accessibility the file bereason it is being provided by an additional process’ error.