The print spooler failed to share printer

I have been battling this network-related printer worry given that 7000 became obtainable. This might occupational with various other brands of printers as well. I am presently running 7022. I have an HP LaserJet 1018 associated locally using USB. Printing locally operated fine. The trouble was trying to get remote devices printing to it over the network-related. After many kind of attempts, trial and error, this is what finally functioned.I have actually 2 workstations running Windows 7022. Both were configured as "Work" networks, both in "Workgroup" workteam. The important thing below is to disaffix your printers prior to you begin the Windows 7 installation. Once finish, Install the printer making use of your original printer installation CD that came via the printer. In my case it was the HP installation disk. Run this as adminstrator in Vista Compatcapacity mode. HP"s installation calls for you to leave the printer unplugged till it asks to plug it in. This was a little buggy for me as I plugged in the printer (USB) once it asked but it simply sat tright here scanning for brand-new device. I clicked cancel and the motorists actually mounted at this suggest proceeding via the installation, odd. Once complete, I printed a test page OKNext I disabled Windows Firewall (Private) totally. Ya I know but it was the just means I can acquire printing to occupational over the netjob-related. I would certainly guess an exemption deserve to be made yet not genuine excellent via home windows firewall exceptionsNext off I enabled the following: Network Discoincredibly and also Data and also Publish Sharing under personal network-related. (These options are located under Netjob-related and also Sharing then in the left pane click "Change progressed sharing settings)Next I created a folder referred to as c:rand-new folder and then shared this giving complete regulate to "Everyone"Next off I common the printer making sure "Everyone" had "Print" access. (perobjectives button)Reboot WorkstationOnce I rebooted I checked the occasion logs and also received this error:"The print spooler faicaused share printer HP Laserjet 1018 series via shared resource name HP Deskjet F4100 series. Error 2114. The printer cannot be provided by others on the network-related."I have actually not found a solution for this error but was still able to print. Read on.Moving to the remote Windows 7 workterminal currently, I made sure network-related exploration was enabled. I then doubled click network icon on the desktop computer (you can include this to your desktop computer by right clicking everywhere on your desktop and picking "Personalize".

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Once opened, in the left pane click "change desktop icons" and then tick the Network box and also click ok. It must now be on your desktop)You have to now check out the major Windows 7 workstation (printer workstation) listed. Double click to open up it. You have to currently view your shares, the folder that you common called new folder and then your printer. Right click on New Folder and pick map a netjob-related drive. Tick both check boxes (Reconnect at logon" and "Connect utilizing various credentials"), click end up. Now click " use another account" and also enter username and also password from main workterminal (printer workstation) that you commonly login through. Tick the "Remember my credentials" checkbox. click Ok. It need to open up and also you need to check out the contents of this common folder which is empty. Now open up Netoccupational (icon) aacquire from your desktop computer and you view the New Folder and also and Shared Printer aget. Double click to open up the Printer. It have to now say connecting to printer, taking some time to install the printer driver from the other computer. At this point it should then open up the print queue that is empty. Your printer is currently included in your Hardware devices and also collection to default printer. Open your hardware gadgets best click printer, pick printer properties and also print test web page. It need to currently print.
Throughout every one of my previous installs I left the printer connected during Windows 7 installation which windows discovered and also mounted. I suspect a driver problem with the home windows driver for the hp printer. It is feasible you can downfill the driver from the printers webwebsite yet I did not have actually much luck via just the DRIVER download. I necessary the setup wizard which asked me to plug in the printer at a details point.One various other pointer to try if you still have actually difficulties. On the remote workterminal, click to include a brand-new printer and also make it neighborhood even though it is not associated. When asked which type of printer (list) choose Have Disk and also then suggest to the driver papers from your installation cd (or if you downloaded them, make them obtainable on the remote printer and allude to this location) Finish the printer setup, then open up Hardware Devices and also delete the printer. Although you deleted the printer the motorists are still set up. Try the over steps again to printWell, if you are having comparable printing issues over your network, give this a shot and hopetotally it will occupational for you too.rb