The page isn’t redirecting properly

When I go to a specific url on my site I gain this error in Firefox. The web page in question is a login screen.

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The page isn"t redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the research for this deal with in a method that will never before finish.

This problem deserve to sometimes be caused by disabling or refmaking use of to accept cookies.

Chrome says

This web page has a redirect loop The internet web page at has resulted in too many kind of redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or permitting third-party cookies may fix the trouble. If not, it is probably a server configuration worry and not a trouble through your computer.

Here are some suggestions:Reload this web web page later.Discover even more about this problem.Why can this be happening? After reloading a couple of times the trouble does go amethod.

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Imad Alazani
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asked Nov 15 "12 at 11:57

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Open Fiddler (download) and look at researches, you will certainly find some count of HTTP reroutes, then web browser will speak and present such messages. You require debug your application, possibly this is some cross reroutes, tradition return url logic or anything else, without code it"s tough to understand also what is going on.

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answered Nov 15 "12 at 12:35

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We had the same problem, Login.aspx web page was redirecting to default page ~/. Systems was difficult to uncover, however going deeper revealed that IIS server has from some variation set Login.aspx as default page. Hence there was indefinite loop in redirecting, the removal od Login.aspx from default peras (Default Document) in IIS GUI(!) resolved the problem. Hope this helps somebody. Just transforming config files was not sufficient, the GUI strategy worked well.

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answered Apr 6 "18 at 11:34

Honza P.Honza P.
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