The operation is not supported on a non-empty removable disk

What Is DiskPart Virtual Disk Service Error

According to Microsoft, Virtual Disk Service is a Microsoft Windows business that percreates query and also configuration operations at the research of finish customers, scripts, and also applications. It allows users to manage disk tough drives, quantities, and so on, by running the DiskPart command also prompt.

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Sometimes, you will certainly receive a DiskPart online disk company error while running DiskPart command also to manage your disk partition, including format disk to FAT32, clean a disk, delete partitions, convert MBR disk to GPT disk or vice versa, and so on. 

Accordingly, the fixes towards various errors on DiskPart may differ. On this web page, we list the typical Virtual Disk Service errors in addition to the solutions. 

Typical DiskPart Virtual Disk Service Errors and also Solutions

Check the specific error that you are having and refer to the best solution to remove it from your computer system immediately.

8 Usual DiskPart Virtual Disk Service Errors and Fixes:

You Must-Have Tool

The best means to resolve Diskcomponent Virtual Disk Service errors is to attempt a powerful third-party disk management tool. partition tool, which wins the praise of numerous customers, is a wonderful alternative. It perfectly resolves each error on your computer within a few basic clicks. 

Download it, and let"s see just how it works to assist. 

Free DownloadWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Error 1: Clean is not enabled on the disk containing the existing boot, device, pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume

Applies to: 

Virtual Disk Service error:Clean is not allowed on the disk containing the existing boot, system, pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume. 


This error commonly comes once you run DiskPart clean command also on a system disk. If you tend to clean up the old device disk or a running device disk to reinstall the Windows OS, you"ll must develop a bootable disk utilizing Partition Master.

The Delete All attribute in Partition Master functions the very same as the clean command, which deletes all partitions that you may apply for aid.

Tutorial: Two Options to Fix Virtual Disk Error - Clean is not allowed

#1. Clean Up OS Disk - Delete all partitions with OS:


Step 1: Prepare a disc or drive

To create a bootable disk of Partition Master, you need to prepare a storage media, like a USB drive, flash drive or a CD/DVD disc. Correctly affix the drive to your computer.

Launch Partition Master, go to the "WinPE Creator" feature on the peak. Click on it.


Step 2: Create Partition Master bootable drive

You can select the USB or CD/DVD as soon as the drive is obtainable. If you execute not have a storage gadget at hand also, you can also conserve the ISO file to a local drive, and also later burn it to a storage media. Once made the choice, click "Proceed".


You have produced an Partition Master WinPE bootable disk. You can rebegin the computer and also boot through the bootable drive, manage your difficult disks and also delete all partitions, including the OS partition.

Tip 3: Wait and also enter Partition Master interface

Here you deserve to right-click the system disk and also pick "Delete all".


Tip 4: Click "OK" to confirm that you want to delete all partitions on the schosen disk drive, consisting of the Windows OS.



Error 2: The specified disk is not convertible. CDROMs and also DVDs are examples of disks that are not convertible

Applies to:

Virtual Disk Service error:The specified disk is not convertible. CDROMs and DVDs are examples of disks that are not convertible.


When you kind list disk > pick disk * > transform GPT or convert MBR but obtained an error message, telling that you are having a digital disk business error on the current disk, the factor is that you have partitions existing on the drive.

So just how to fix this error? You have actually 2 ways out:

Two Fixes for Virtual Disk Service Error - Specified Disk Is Not Convertible

#1. Directly Convert Disk to MBR or GPT using Partition Master Partition Master is a great DiskPart alternative tool that allows you to transform a disk to MBR or GPT without deleting partitions. No information loss worry will certainly take place.

Follow procedures below to settle the online disk organization error - the specified disk is not convertible error on your own:

- Convert MBR to GPT:

Tip 1. Downpack and launch Partition Master on your Windows computer system.

Step 2. Right-click the MBR disk that you want to convert and choose "Convert to GPT".

Tip 3. After that, find and also click the "Execute 1 Operation" button on the toolbar and select "Apply" to start the convariation. You need to restart your gadget to permit this adjust.

- Convert GPT to MBR:

Right-click taracquire GPT disk on Partition Master > Select "Convert to MBR" > Click "OK" > "Execute Operation".

#2. Clean and Convert Disk to MBR/GPT making use of DiskPart Command

It needs deleting partitions before converting drive to GPT or MBR using the DiskPart conversion command. Thus, if you have important data conserved on the target disk, earlier up information to an outside difficult drive first.

Here are the steps:

Tip 1. Open DiskPart by keying cmd in the Search bar, right-click Command Prompt and also pick "Run as Administrator".

Then form diskpart and hit Get in.

Tip 2. Type the adhering to regulates and also hit Go into each time:

list diskpick disk * (rearea * via the target disk number)cleanconvert gpt or transform mbrexit

Error 3: Delete is not allowed on the present boot, mechanism, pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume

Applies to:

Virtual Disk Service error:Delete is not permitted on the existing boot, system, pagefile, crashdump, or hibernation volume.


Keep in mind that this error regularly occurs as soon as you set command in DiskPart to order Windows to delete the boot partition or mechanism partition on its very own. If you input the wrong volume number, retry to delete partitions again through the appropriate volume number.

If your goal is to delete the OS partition or boot partition, attempt the listed below tutorial.

Fix: Delete Boot/System Volume through Partition Master Bootable Disk Partition Master offers a safe way to help you delete the OS partition or the boot drive from its bootable disk.

Free DownloadWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
2) Next off, boot PC from Partition software application from the bootable disk. 3) Enter Partition Master major home window, right-click the mechanism or boot partition and pick "Delete" and also click "OK".4). Last, click "Execute Operation" to start deleting the boot, system, pagefile, crashdump, or hibernation volume.

Error 4: Tbelow is no media in the device

Applies to:

Virtual Disk Service error:Tbelow is no media in the gadget.

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When you run DiskPart to perform some operations on your taracquire disk but get virtual disk business error: there is no media in the device, it implies that DiskPart might not discover stated media. In other words, it can not fill nor accessibility the gadget.

2 Fixes for Virtual Disk Service Error - There Is No Media in The Device

#1. Change USB port to reaffix an exterior storage gadget or reinstall an HDD/SSD disk

#2. Upday No Media Device Drive Driver:

Tip 1. Right-click "This PC" and pick "Manage" > "Device Manager".

Tip 2. Expand also "Disk Drives", then right-click your problematic gadget that mirrors no media and also pick "Upday Driver".

Tip 3. In the brand-new home window, select "Search automatically for updated driver software".


You may also refer to: Tbelow Is No Media in The (Specified) Device for better fixes.

Error 5: The volume dimension is also big

Applies to:

Virtual Disk Service error:The volume size is too huge.


This error frequently occurs as soon as you tfinish to format a huge partition or a USB/external tough drive to the FAT32 file system utilizing DiskPart energy. Due to the limit of the FAT32 file mechanism, Windows does not allow you to format a device larger than 32GB into FAT32. To deal with this error, you have 2 alternatives, as noted below.

2 Methods to Fix Virtual Disk Service Error - The Volume Size Is Too Big

#1. Using Third-Party Formatting Device to Format Large Device to FAT32

If you tend to usage a huge gadget as a FAT32 removable drive, experienced formatting tool - Partition Master is your ideal swarm. It breaks the limit of FAT32, enabling users to collection big storage devices (more than 32GB) to FAT32 by means of its Layout feature:


Tip 1: Launch Partition Master, right-click the partition you intfinish to format and also pick "Format".

#2. Style Device to Other File Systems

The various other solve that you have the right to try is to adjust the file device, formatting your difficult drive or external USB to other Windows supported format - NTFS (for internal HDD/SSD partition) or exFAT (for exterior difficult drive):

Tip 1. Right-click "This PC" and also choose "Manage". Then go to "Disk Management".

Tip 2. Right-click the targain tough drive partition and also choose "Format".


Step 3. Set the volume label, file system, and also click "OK" to begin formatting the drive.

Error 6: Tbelow is not enough usable room for this operation

Applies to:

Virtual Disk Service error:Tbelow is not sufficient usable space for this operation.

This error frequently occurs as soon as there is no unoffered cost-free area or not sufficient unallocated space accessible on a hard disk for some particular operations, such regarding extend a partition or to produce a major partition using DiskPart energy.

Two Fixes:

Error 7: The business faibrought about initialize

Applies to:

Virtual Disk Service error:The service faibrought about initialize.


Normally, the Virtual Disk Service starts automatically on Windows PC. However before, it may not begin sometimes or faicaused initialize.

Two Fixes:

1>. Open DiskPart utility > Type net begin vds and hit Go into.

2>. Manually restart Virtual Disk Service: Type services in the Search box and hit Get in > Right-click or double-click "Virtual Disk" business > Select "Start".

This will certainly adjust the Virtual Disk business startup type from Manual to Automatic, then restart Windows.


Error 8: The media is compose safeguarded.

Applies to:

Virtual Disk Service error:The media is write protected.


This error frequently occurs as soon as a storage gadget is encrypted or locked because of some hands-on operation or gadget error. And the fixes toward this issue are multiple.

Full Fixes:

5 Ways to Remove Write Protection from USB, SD, internal/external difficult drive in Windows 10/8/7.


These are multiple services that have the right to fix the typical Virtual Disk Service errors that you can enrespond to while manage disk partitions making use of Diskpart.

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As we addressed, the methods to deal with each error are various. You should confirm the specific difficulty you are having in DiskPart to decide which technique to apply. We collected the many feasible methods to aid you out and also hope they are helpful! 

If the trouble that you are having is not had on this page, use the Search option at the top best edge on our homepage: for aid.