The operation cannot be performed while the object is in use

I developed a digital machine from a hard disk image file (vhdx)making use of Hyper-V, it"s created efficiently yet when connecting to the digital machine It"s not working and also I obtained this error message

The application encountered an error while attempting to adjust the state virtual machineNew Virtual Machine failed to readjust state.The procedure cannot be performed while the object is in usage.

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I have free disk area and memory, I still gaining digital machine faibrought about change state

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answeredDec 12, 2020by Mohamed El-Qassas ●33 ●77 ●159selectedDec 12, 2020by ronen

Virtual Machine faibrought about readjust state

Actually, this error "The operation cannot be perdeveloped while the object is in use" is not regarded no cost-free difficult disk area or adequate memory. it"s largely regarded the hard disk picture file that you have supplied as soon as developing your virtual machine!

Fixing The application encountered an error while attempting to change the state

This error commonly occurs in case you have tried to mount the online difficult disk photo file VHDX or you have double-clicked on it by mistake.


In this instance, the digital difficult disk image file will certainly be attached to the disk of the host server and this will lead to being in usage.

Detach Virtual Hard Disk Steps

To have the ability to usage the online difficult disk file and avoid the "Virtual Machine faibrought about change state, the object in use" error when starting Virtual Machine making use of Hyper-V, you need to initially detach the virtual hard disk from disk management by doing the following:

Using Administrator Account, Open Computer Management.

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From the left side, click Storage > Disk Management.


Check the digital disks, and also right-click on the last one included, if it has a Detach VHD option, so it means it"s a virtual hard disk.

Select Detach VHD, you will acquire a confirmation through your digital difficult disk location as displayed below


Before clicking on OK, make sure that this the correct digital disk file that would certainly favor to rerelocate by corresponding the area course on the above message and the actual virtual difficult disk file location in your organize.

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Try now to start virtual machine that need to be began and working correctly without reflecting this error "New Virtual Machine failed to adjust state" again.

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