The operation cannot be performed because the message has changed

In the other user’s calendar, you develop a meeting request, and then include individuals to the meeting through Scheduling Assistant.

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You kind meeting details in the repursuit, and you wait for the request to be autoconserved to the Drafts folder.

You include Skype or Teams meeting by picking New Skype Meeting or New Teams Meeting on the ribbon.

You click Send to send the meeting invitation after the draft was possibly opened for numerous hours.

In this scenario, you may get an error message that resembles the following: 

Changes to the meeting cannot be saved. The meeting has actually been updated by one more perboy. Cshed and reopen up the meeting, and then make your updates. The procedure cannot be perdeveloped bereason the message has actually been readjusted.



A settle has been implemented in the company founding through organization build 15.20.2730.00 and higher. Use the Connection Status Dialog to confirm the service version: Description of the Connection Status dialog in Outlook.

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This problem is led to by Exchange Based Assistants (EBAs) in the business composing edits to the meeting item leading to a conflict resolution trouble. The present resolve is to skip all notifications on meeting drafts so that no EBA or ItemAssistant will certainly obtain a possibility to modify a meeting draft. When the meeting is updated from draft to non draft, the alert to EBAs and also ItemAssistants continue through edits on the meeting item. This solution will certainly delay the EBAs and also the error from happening for around 1.5 hours after you save the meeting. To protect against the problem and the error, sfinish the meeting within 1.5 hrs of saving the meeting.

The Outlook Teams continue to job-related on a long term solution. When we have even more specifics we will document them here.

More indevelopment and workaround steps for this problem can be discovered here: "The operation cannot be performed bereason the item has actually changed" error when a delegate creates a Skype or Teams meeting in Outlook.

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