The only way you can reliably backup the registry is with regedit.

One thing knowledgeable customers will always tell you is as soon as you are undertaking repairs or perdeveloping tweaks inWindows, you need to constantly have backups to hand in situation things go wrong. Full device backups are of course a great technique yet if transforms are being made that only influence the system regisattempt, then it renders sense that you only should backup your regisattempt records.

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The Windows registry is fundamentally a hugedatabase that stores thousands of configuration settings for Windows, third party software program, hardware, solutions, user specific settings and a lot more. It only takes a poor tweak or a corrupt regisattempt entry tocause Windows to end up being unbootable. Many kind of fixes rely on editing and enhancing regisattempt worths, and occasionally it’s unavoidable, however backing up is still an important initially step yet safe they appear to be.

There are numerous means to backup your mechanism registry butsimply copying the files to another folder is not an choice as they are locked by Windows and also cannot be replicated. Another way is utilizing System Restore however that backs up and restores several other papers besides simply the registry. Here we show you some means to backup simply the device regisattempt records so they can be restored in the event of device instability or Windows failing to boot at all.

Back-up and Restore the Regisattempt Using Dedicated Software

While many backup options will certainly backup the regisattempt as component of the entirety mechanism or a System Resave, these devices listed below only backup or regain the registry itself. Regisattempt Backup have a variety of useful tools including the Windows Repair (All in one)utility. Regisattempt Back-up is actually contained in the that program yet is also available as standalone software application if you desire to simply backup and restore the regisattempt. Both portable and also installer versions are accessible. We’re not fans of the GUIsprovided by for their software program although you have the right to at leastern modify the colors to somepoint more palatable.


Regisattempt Back-up has actually 2 backupmodes easily accessible, the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) or the older RegSaveKey feature. ERUNT and other old utilities count on RegSaveKey however it’s recommendedto use VSS if feasible. It’s quite odd that Registry Backup defaulted to the old method while experimentation. You have the right to tell it to prioritize VSS by going to Setups > Open State-of-the-art Setups and unticking “Almeans usage fallback backup approach instead of Volume Shadow Copy”.

To make a full backup you only have to push Backup Now and it will certainly copy the main and also user registries to the tarobtain folder, which can be changed in Setups. A selective backup is a basic case of unchecking what you don’t desire to incorporate. Restoring is additionally simple and also only requires choosing the stored backup from the drop down list and pressing the button, a reboot will be forced.Automatic backups deserve to be developed by adding a scheduled taskwhich triggers in the time of Windows logon.

Download Registry Backup

Regisattempt Backup and also Restore

This tool is set up or has actually an extra preferable portable version which is under 500KB in dimension. It’s also obtained quite some nice features that make Registry Back-up and also Rekeep a useful different to the tool. Another excellent thing is it supplies a typical Windows graphical interconfront which will be less complicated on the eyes for some customers.


VSSand older RegSaveKey backup methods are readily available, although this time the recommfinished method of VSS is allowed by default. A complete backup is ssuggest a instance of pressing New Backup and clicking Start. Selecting a various conserve to folder, a comment and also which registry hives are included or excluded are optional. Restoring is sindicate choosing the backup collection from the list and pushing Restore. The Cutting edge regain choices enable for selecting specific hives.

A couple of beneficial alternatives in Setups permit for progressed renaming of the backup folders through tradition times and also dates, and compushing the documents into the MS Cabinet format (.CAB).Regisattempt Back-up and also Restore likewise has actually a distinct regain mode wbelow running a simple script file referred to as REGRES.CMD from the backup folder permits for regisattempt documents to be recovered directly from the command also prompt or recoextremely console.

DownloadRegistry Backup and also Restore

Experienced customers will certainly still remember the old but renowned ERUNT regisattempt backup tool although it’s well over 10 years old and also produces numerous errors on newer operating devices. A tool which still works is Mz Registry Backup although it was discontinuedby its developer some time ago.

Backup The Registry Using The Volume Shadow Copy Service

Using the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is a safe technique that enables backup software application and Windows System Restore to backup papers that are locked by the mechanism. You can likewise usage VSS to manually copy any kind of files, including regisattempt files, making use of the appropriate tool.

We’ll usage the command line tool HoboCopy although there are other programs that deserve to usage VSS to copy locked filesand also any type of of them have the right to be offered. Downpack HoboCopy and extract it to C, open up a Command also Prompt and also enter a command equivalent to the following:

C:Hobocopy C:WindowsSystem32config C:BackupConfig


C:Hobocopy C:WindowsSystem32config C:BackupConfig SOFTWARE

The second command also would backup just the SOFTWARE regisattempt hive, others choose SYSTEM or SAM have the right to additionally beusedto backup individual hives.To backup the user’s profile registry:

C:Hobocopy C:Users C:BackupUserprofile


The 2 mainregulates will certainly backup all registry papers from the Config folder and NTUSER.DAT from the Users folder. Adding these and a date command also together you can produce a simple batch file that will certainly backup the registry to a dated folder on double click. Have a look at this little Hobocopy .BAT file to obtain an idea of exactly how it functions. Keep in mind Hobocopy needs the Visual C++ 2010 runtime libraries mounted, which are uncovered on its downpack page.

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Although you deserve to backup the regisattempt making use of this approach conveniently, restoring is not possible in the same means and you would certainly have to copy the documents back while Windows is offline. See below how to execute that.

Back-up and Restore The Regisattempt Offline

A means to backup the registry error free is doing so from another operating device. While your Windows is offline, registry files are not locked and can be copied simply like any kind of other file. Itenables for both backing up and restoring the registry, what you require is an additional mechanism to boot from.

Tbelow are many means to obtain an offline bootable operating mechanism. They incorporate Mini XP from Hiren’s BootCD, a Live Linux distro or a Windows PE disk. The technique we will usage right here is running a 3rd party file manager after booting to a conventional Windows install media. You might have actually a Windows install DVDcurrently, if not, Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 ISOs can be downloaded straight from Microsoft.

1. Downpack Just Manager portable, it’s a free file management tool that functions without Windows being fully loaded. Make certain to downpack the correct variation for your Windows install media. E.g If your media is a 64-little install DVD, downpack the 64-little Just Manager.

2. Extract the Just Manager archive to a folder of your option, for simplicity we’re utilizing the root of C. The route to the executable is C:JustManagerJustManager.exe.

3. Restart the system and boot to the Windows USB or DVD install media, when you reach the Install Windows display push Shift+F10 to open up a Command also Prompt.

4. In Command also Prompt enter the course to the JustManager executable. Do note that if your system has actually a concealed system scheduled partition the usual C drive will most likely be D. Because of this if the programis not found with C:JustManagerJustManager.exe, attempt D:JustManagerJustManager.exe.


With thefile manager open up it have the right to be used to copy (F5) the System32Config folder to one more area, backup separate hives or regain files to theConfig folder. Don’t forobtain the user regisattempt hive is NTUSER.DAT in the Usersusername folder. If you haven’t made any regisattempt backups yet and are having actually troubles through your device tright here must be a folder referred to as Regago in the Config folder that consists of excellent copies of the 5 major regisattempt papers.

When you’ve finiburned, cshed the “Install Windows” window to reboot the computer.Of course, the developed in Copy commanddeserve to also be provided from Command Prompt.That would be your only strategy if the computer system doesn’t boot and you were unable to downpack the file manager regime initially. In which instance a command prefer this have to work:

Copy /y D:WindowsSystem32ConfigRegback*D:WindowsSystem32Config

Although you deserve to usage either the file manager or command also prompt, the file manager strategy provides a complete user interconfront. That makes it much easier for individuals from all experience levels to copy and relocate any documents without booting into Windows. Notethat replacing the regisattempt documents must only be done as a last rekind if your computer has actually significant problems or cannot boot.

Manually Exporting And Importing The Regisattempt With Regedit

If you look about the internet for means to backup the registry, most likely the many prevalent approach you’ll come across is utilizing the Windows Regisattempt Editor. Many kind of sites will certainly tell you to go to Regmodify, appropriate click on Computer and also then select the Export choice. To restore the regisattempt ago you sindicate double click the .REG file.


While this technique does job-related as much as a suggest itis not a complete backup and also has a number of issues, which are hardly ever stated. Exporting the registry in this way does not in truth export the totality regisattempt. Values and also keys that are locked or in usage, the defense hive and also regisattempt perobjectives are not backed up. That adds as much as thousands of secrets that perform not getexported.

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Furthermore, importing right into the regisattempt is not a genuine reclaim as it simply merges the contents of the .REG file right into the present regisattempt. Any keys that have been added considering that the export will certainly not be touched and also locked or in use keys will not be recovered, which reasons errors in the time of the import. We’d recommfinish you do not trust this method as a trusted backup and also usage an additional solution rather.