The network folder specified is currently mapped

PC1 & PC2 are both running Windows 7 Professional. 64-bit & 32-bit respectively.

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PC1 consists of an additional interior HDD, as D:

PC1 additionally has an outside HDD as E:

D & E are mutual on PC1.

On PC2, I deserve to map to \PC1E, making use of the credentials of PC1"s admin user.

On PC2, if I attempt to map to \PC1D, making use of the credentials of PC1"s admin user, I get an error:

The network folder specified is currently mapped using a various user name and password.

To attach utilizing a different user name and password, initially disattach any kind of existing mappings to this netoccupational share.

If I open up cmd and also run net use, I see that \PC1E is mapped, yet \PC1D is not pointed out.

Why can not I map to \PC1D on PC2? Thanks.

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asked May 9 "15 at 9:22

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On Windows 7, when you"ve authenticated against a server, you do not need to reauth for other mappings.

In reality, if you map a share to a drive letter, and also then attempt to map a various share on the exact same server to a various drive letter, and also then enter on the Map Netjob-related Drive dialog the very same username and password supplied on the initially drive mapping, you acquire this confmaking use of error message:

The network folder specified is presently mapped using a different user name and also password.

Despite the netoccupational folder not being mapped at all, and the username and password offered not being different.

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This baffled me for a while till I realized that once you have mapped to "server1" utilizing those credentials, you deserve to map to different shares on the exact same server without re-specifying the credentials.


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answered May 16 "15 at 6:29

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Go to PC1 and also inside D: > Properties > Security > Cutting edge > Owner - is the same as on C:, if not, change that.

If this does not help,open cmdEnter net usage * /delete in the dos box

than attempt again

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answered May 16 "15 at 6:43

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I"ve checked out this before. Here"s what you should do:

Instead of mapping to \PC1D and \PC1E respectively, attempt mapping to the admin shares

The admin shares that you will certainly desire to connect to are \PC1D$ and \PC1E$. To execute this, open Command Prompt, and also type this (you might likewise save this to a .bat file on your desktop computer, such as connect.bat to execute at any kind of time):

net usage H: \PC1D$ /user:\PC1foobar 123456net usage I: \PC1E$ /user:\PC1foobar 123456Ssuggest replace H: and also I: with drive letters you want, adjust foobar to the admin user, and also adjust 123456 to the password of shelp admin user

answered May 16 "15 at 8:29

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You might have a spurious netjob-related share to \PC1D.This is straightforward to verify by entering into a command-line the command :

net useIf you check out any kind of other share in addition to \PC1E,which could also be that of the administrative share of D,simply enter the command :

NET USE /DELETE \PC1share-nameYou must now have the ability to connect to \PC1D without difficulty.

If this doesn"t work-related, attempt to attach to /D,entering the credentials as/user-name.

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answered May 16 "15 at 9:22
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I indicate you attempt to list the folders being mutual and also mapping each among them, but at the exact same time, instead of giving the complete path using the "map netoccupational drive" alternative.

answered May 22 "15 at 23:18
Vinícius SimõesVinícius Simões
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