The module kernelbase.dll was loaded but the entry-point

I have actually a DLL which cause to an error once I run the application.The error says that the company is not registered. So I run command regsvr32 through the name of the DLL.But it gives me an error, currently the error is:

The module "mydll.dll" was loaded however the entry-allude "DllRegisterServer" was not discovered.

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Make sure that "mydll.dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and then attempt again

I functioned on Windows 7 64-bit. On Windows XP it works fine!.Does someone recognize what it have the right to be?Thanks!



The error indicates that the DLL is either not a COM DLL or it"s corrupt. If it"s not a COM DLL and also not being offered as a COM DLL by an application then tbelow is no should register it.From what you say in your question (the company is not registered) it seems that we are talking around a company not effectively set up. I will try to reinstall the application.


I had this problem and

dumpbin /exports mydll.dlland also

depends mydll.dllconfirmed "DllRegisterServer".

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The problem was that tbelow was one more DLL in the device that had the exact same name.After renaming mydll the registration thrived.


What addressed it for me was making use of :

regasm.exe "xx.dll" /tlb /codebase /register

It is yet, important to understand also the distinction in between regasm.exe and regsvr.exe:

What is difference between RegAsm.exe and regsvr32? How to generate a tlb file using regsvr32?

I discovered the answer:I should include a brand-new application to the business components in my computer and then include the appropriate DLL"s.

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Thanks!If anyone has the exact same problem, I"ll be happy to aid.


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Unable to register DLL using Regsv32 - error “Dll was loaded but the entry-suggest DllRegisterServer was not found”
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